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Holistic Health Tip #9 – Breathe

Posted Dec 25 2012 10:01pm

Thank you for stopping by and your interest in gaining a happier and healthier lifestyle. Each week a new holistic health tip will be posted.

Some tips you may have heard before and some will be new. Whatever the case may be, they are true and tried tips that will get you on your path to healthier and happier lifestyle.

Holistic Health Tips #9

Holistic Health Tip #9


Breathe mindfully - The process of mindful breathing is a form of meditation; and also a great way to get more oxygen into your blood and tissues. If you start right now and pay attention to how you are breathing, it is more than likely that you will find yourself breathing quite shallowly.  This is not a healthy breathing pattern.

Try this: start by inhaling completely and slowly exhaling completely. If you take one minute to just do this focused breathing each day, you will find that you feel better during that minute. If you feel better in one minute why not focus on your breathing for longer periods? Pay attention to your breathing several times throughout the day and watch your stress and tiredness melt away. 

So, not only will this type of breathing keep you healthy by releasing the toxins that tend to build up within your body, it will also help to manage and reduce your stress. Try some mindful breathing today!



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