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Holiday Survival Healthy Eating Challenge

Posted Nov 10 2008 6:05am


The holidays are coming soon in full force and many of us gain least 1-2 pounds or more which never comes off after the New Year. This contributes to a gradual weight gain of 10-20 pounds or more over the decades to come. Would you like to stop holiday weight gain in its tracks? Are you ready to take the challenge? These next few weeks, I will share recipes and motivational tips to help you maintain and/or lessen the weight gain this season. For most of us, this time of year is not the time to go on a weight loss plan that requires big changes in our lifestyle that leaves us feeling deprived. We could retaliate later and go on a binge. Let’s get started on the holiday challenge!


Week One: How Do You Measure Up? Get a Baseline of How You are Doing.


One way to get a baseline is to weigh-in. I have included a weekly weigh-in sheet so you can track your weight and know whether you are maintaining. If you see your weekly sheet begin climbing, determine what you are doing and how you can prevent it from happening as much over the next several weeks.


Another helpful strategy to help you prevent extra pounds from adding up is to access how your current eating habits affect your weight. An easy way to check this out is the website, If you record what you eat for three days and become more aware of what you are eating, you could make small changes to decrease your calories over the next few weeks to work in your Thanksgiving meal/meals which can provide an 500-1500 extra calories or more in just 24 hours and many of us overeat that whole four day weekend. It takes about 3500 extra calories to equal a pound of weight gained, so you can see that it doesn’t take much to have those holiday day pounds creep up so gradually that we don’t notice before it is too late.


Check out next week’s topic Week Two: Planning Ahead: The Cornerstone to Holiday Survival



HolidaySurvival Eating Challenge

Weigh-In Log Sheet














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