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Holiday Stress-says who?

Posted Dec 01 2009 12:00am

"Move it or lose it people!!!

Just a quick reminder-only 4 more sleeps til christmas…I know you’re busy, behind, can’t catch a break, so much to do. Decorating christmas cookies felt more like an obligation than something festive. Finishing the christmas shopping only means that you now have to go home and wrap it all. Not to mention you want to show off all your hard work but you’re still laying down to zip up those “skinny” jeans.
Suck it up, suck it in, and enjoy your holidays! Start focusing on the positives. You fit baking cookies into your busy schedule, and for atleast 1 hour you were able to focus on something creative instead of your normal everyday stresses. You finished the shopping so you can put on the music and have your own little wrapping dance party! And those skinny jeans will be your motivation to indulge a little but stay on track-enjoy, not inhale!

Find a funny picture, or watch a funny comedy (National Lampoons Christmas Vacation-a must see!) Do something that makes you smile and laugh. Take some time for yourself-make time! Spin your stress into fun:)

How can you not laugh at this? This is my dog, Luca…stressed & tired from jumping all day for his stocking full of organic snacks!

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