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Holiday Salad by Giada, Crab Cakes, Christmas Presents, and Avocado To Do List

Posted Dec 26 2011 10:58am

I hope you had a wonderful holiday if you celebrate, and if you don’t, then I hope you had time off from work!

We spent Christmas eve and Christmas with family, and had a really great time. I’ll be honest, I don’t usually contribute much food to holidays–my mom never delegates, and neither does Joe’s mom. But for Christmas Eve, Joe and I contributed crab cakes (he made them) and salad (I made it). The next day, on Christmas, we just ate our weight in antipasto, ham, seafood newburgh (I might die that was so good—I finished it for breakfast today)….and wine.

I tend to think our crab cakes are the best, so I’ll share that recipe here again:

Jumbo lump crab (I don’t really know which kind he buys, but I know 4 crab cakes worth of crab is somewhere around $20…which is way cheaper than eating out!). For Christmas Eve, Fred’s son (who owns Mac’s Philly Steaks restaurants) supplied the crab, so we just had to make the cakes!

1tsp dry mustard

1/4 cup veganaise

black pepper

worcestershire (couple shakes)

sprinkle of dried parsley

2 shakes of onion powder

2 shakes of Old Bay

He usually makes a veganaise sauce with chipotle powder and lemon juice (yum!)

Nope—-no eggs in the crab cakes or the “mayo.” Joe is totally grossed out by eggs. And chicken. So we never have either of those things when we eat together. However—you could add an egg and use regular mayo too, and I think the egg would probably make them a little more glued together.

Two cans of crab made 8 crab cakes


Holiday Salad - endive, avocado, gruyere cheese, dried cranberries, corn, green apple....Yum!


Here’s the link to the recipe for the salad: Giada’s Holiday Salad


I received my first shipment of this year’s Avocado of the Month Club , and am patiently waiting for the avos to ripen.

Avocados are picked when they're green and hard, and they ripen after the stem is removed. You can speed it up by putting them in a paper bag with a banana.


These three varieties showed up in this month's shipment: pinkerton, hass, and fuerte....they're all different, but also all really good!


I have not made an Avocado Toad in the Hole  yet…but it is next on my list! My friend, the Other Lisa B, posted about it on facebook last week, and I can’t wait to try it! The instructions are here .

You can tell this isn't my photo---it's too good! It was on Food Gawker as well as on the creator's website.


For Christmas, we really don’t do many presents, but there were a few this year. I got mostly money (enough to pay myself back for all the presents I bought myself and then some!), but also some clothes from Athleta from Joe and a giftcard for there from my Mom. Fred gave me a book with different yoga poems in it–I can’t wait till I start teaching yoga, so I can use it. I always love when yoga instructors relate the class to an interesting reading. I also got a gift card from Joe’s mom to Lori’s Natural Foods, and …

This basket...I love it!


I got Joe some very romantic Ugg slippers :-) Actually, I think he might return them and get shoes, which is A-OK with me–I want him to have something he really really wants!


What did you get for Christmas? 

I’m fundamentally not into presents (although, I’ll admit it would be fabulous to have someone buy me a ton of stuff!), but I do like how my family only does thoughtful presents and we just don’t give stuff for the sake of giving presents. No one gets their feelings hurt or cares if things are returned either—it’s just so drama-free of us!

Do you care if someone you gave a gift to returns it?  

Would you try an Avocado-Toad-in-the-Hole?! 

This afternoon, Matthew and some friends and I are all going ice skating—I can’t wait!

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