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Holiday recap and upping the detoxification service

Posted Oct 09 2009 10:56am
Hi lovely ladies and gentlemen,

So I'm back in Australia and working hard to catch up on some work, as well as move back into my home after house sitting for the last month, gets lots of errands completed including my taxation (oh so fun...ha!) and get organised for the new job I started this week. Yes, you heard me right - in addition to my work as a Raw Foods and Detox Coach and running my business, I also worked my first day today as a Colon Hydrotherapist! I was offered the opportunity a few weeks ago and quickly decided it was a very positive step and that I couldn't say no to an opportunity to become even more knowledgeable of detoxification at the most visible of levels. I will be a part-time Colon Hydrotherapist as, of course, my business and coaching are always my first priority and my passion. I love that I will be able to deliver detoxification guidance, support and coaching, as well as to personally provide my clients with the physical detoxification experience provided by colonics. To be able to guide each client intimately through this process if desired and hand-hold each client as they progress gives me a deep sense of satisfaction and of service. I love this work. Thank you again clients, readers, friends and colleagues for this amazing opportunity to guide, inform, entertain and work with you!

Now on to my holiday :). I thought what better way to show you what I got up to in the gorgeous island of Bali, Indonesia, than to share photos with you. But to give you a quick snap shot, here's what the holiday included: daily massages, lots of walking, some light shopping, cuddles and love, dancing till 4am, LOTS of laughing, awesome friends, fresh food and juices, gorgeous happy people, sunshine and more sunshine.

I also had a night in Dunsborough, about 3 hours south of my home city of Perth, the day we got back from Bali, so I've shared some of these photos also. I hope you enjoy the visuals.

The (mostly) raw eating delights of Indo...

Raw zucchini rolls

Raw carrot cake

Awesome creamy raw salad

Melon mmmm...simple and delightful.

A few snaps of us and our accomodations...

I love this quote...outside a great raw/macrobiotic cafe in Seminyak

Contemplating with mint and lime juice

Al joins in the footy fun with the local Balinese kids

There was a lot of this while on holiday...lounging, usually with book in hand

The boys in out hotel suite...relaxed much? :)

We flew in to Perth at 4.30am Saturday morning and headed straight down to Dunsborough for the night. I caught up with wonderful friends at the gorgeous raw food, surfing and yoga retreat/centre there called Samudra. Love that place! There was more juice and happy snaps...
Well, I think that's more than enough photos for now! Hope you are having a fab week and will be posting again very soon.

Love and post-holiday sunshine,

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