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holiday health: enjoying the holidays

Posted Dec 22 2010 9:00am

This post is part of the Healthbuzz December series, Holiday Health, by Foodbuzz .

So far most of my Holiday Health articles have been about what to do if you Ate too Much , Simplifying for Stress Free Holidays , the Pre-Holiday Party Lunch , how to order Holiday Coffee Drinks and so on. I was originally going to write a post called Eating Healthy at Holiday Parties, but then I realized how hypocritical that would be. I’m not going to eat perfectly on Christmas.  I’m going to enjoy myself, and not worry about how many calories are in eggnog or if I eat a ridiculous amount of cheese.

So today I want to talk about what you should do.

You should always eat home made cookies. And really enjoy them. Without feeling guilty or bad about too many grams of sugars or carbs.

You should fill someones stocking.

You should take a day off from the computer – can’t we all use one day without it?

You should enjoy an indulgent and special meal with family. (Soprano style)

You should listen to Christmas music and watch Christmas movies.

You should try using heavy whipping cream in your coffee. At least once. ( Cannoli cream is also amazing in coffee frothed with a little milk)

You should kiss under mistletoe.

You should skip your workout unless it is a family walk, snowshoeing or skiing.

You should spend some time by a tree that is decorated. ( Palm trees with presents don’t count!)

You should be sure that you’ve had one cocktail by 3pm (or earlier, I won’t judge.)

You should be thankful for all you have.

You should think about those who are not as lucky.

And most of all, you should enjoy yourself. It’s what the Holidays are all about.

What what you add to the should do Christmas list?

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