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Holiday Eating Tips — Eat Smart, don’t Eat Lots!

Posted Dec 10 2012 11:32pm

From Thanksgiving onward is a month dotted with endless celebrations that usually involves eating. Eating with friends and family is no doubt a great time, but the danger around food-centered celebrations is that we often end up consuming too much and over the course of several meals like that, the extra calories add up!

So how to navigate holiday parties and occasions so that you can enjoy the appies, treats and alcohol without feeling the after-effect of overconsumption.

The answer is: eat smart, not eat lots!

Essentially, the idea is to enjoy what you put into your mouth, savour it in small quantities and forget about stuffing your face (because you know you may get short-term gratification but it will come with longer-term discomfort).

So here are some practical tips to help you make the smartest choices at the buffet table:

1. Choose this OR that, not this AND that.
Instead of having everything (from appetizers, drinks, and desserts), take your pick and choose to have one or two, but never all three.

2. Do not hover around the food tables.
When you’re catching up with an old friend, or just having a fun conversation with your dear family members, do it away from food. By doing so, you avoid the mindless munching that you may end up doing simply because there is food beside you and it is just so easy to grab something and munch on while you are focused on chatting and not so much on what you are doing with your hands and mouth.

3. Do not skip meals.
Skipping meals is not the way to save on calories because research shows that people who skip meals tend to eat more than they normally would at the next meal. Thus, it may be better to just have a smaller meal or a snack at regular times than say missing a whole meal entirely.

4. Share.
When it comes to decadent treats that are served in large portions, instead of having it all, split it with another person so you get to enjoy it, share that enjoyment with another person and at the same time, not be tempted to have too much. Three birds in one stone deal!

5. Bring something to the table so you know you have a healthier choice at least.
When it comes to house parties, you never know what will be served there. So try to bring something if you can, so that there will always be something good for you to have.

Got any tips to share? I’ll love to hear them!


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