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High Fiber Foods Can Be Healthy Snacks for Kids and Athletes

Posted Jan 28 2011 1:59pm
In order to have the best opportunity for peak performance, it pays to offer more high fiber foods as healthy snacks for kids and athletes. Fiber stays in the digestive tract longer, slowing down the entire digestive process, which can be helpful for a couple of reasons.

In the first place, fiber rich healthy snacks are used more efficiently by the body. Since they are in the system for a longer period of time, more nutrients can be extracted. Secondly, the fact that the food moves more slowly through the digestive tract means a feeling of being full for a longer period of time. This is why high fiber foods are essential for natural weight loss and one of the reasons they make an excellent choice in healthy snacks for kids and athletes .

It is generally believed that the capacity for high fiber foods to keep the intestines clean may actually help prevent a number of diseases, including colon cancer. This is why it is critical for everyone, including athletes and kids to consume plenty of fiber in their daily diet.

Among the positive characteristics of high fiber foods is their ability to perform like scrub brushes for the digestive tract. The parts of undigested fiber can actually sweep away waste products that have accumulated along the walls of the intestines. This often includes a lining of mucus that blocks nutrients from getting to where they need to go. High fiber foods in your healthy snacks can be valuable tools in sweeping away this mucus, allowing nutrients to pass through more efficiently. High fiber foods help to sustain a clean colon, which in turn allows for better absorption of the nutrients from healthy snacks that kids and athletes eat.

High fiber foods are absolutely necessary when choosing healthy snacks for kids and athletes since maintaining a healthy digestive system is the crucial starting point for a well nourished body.
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