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High fiber cereal

Posted by Dave l.

I find one of the best ways to get more fiber in my diet is by eating high fiber cereal. There are a ton of cereals out now that actually taste good. My favorites are:

Raisin Bran
Wheaties (plus they awaken my inner champion, so there's that)
Corn Bran (tastes so much better than it sounds)

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Cheerios is high in fiber? Never realized it. Thanks for the info!
just add a tablespoon of flaxseed to cereal, oatmeal, or yogurt. You will barely notice it after you get used to the taste. Use ground, not whole flaxseed. Get an extra few servings of fiber!
Kashi has good cereal with fiber and you'll also find a bunch of organic alternatives not only in Trader Joe's and Whole Foods but in your regular grocery store now.
When I am trying to lose weight I count Weight Watchers points. Oatmeal is always in my menu because it has so much fiber and therefore low WW points. I sweeten it with Splenda and hold the butter!
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