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Hi!..I am 29 yrs of age, weighing 64 kgs. Iam currently on a weight gain diet and train hard in the gym also.

Posted by Jack

I have 1 glass of milk in the morn with 2 bananas. 1 glass of milk in the eve with 2 bananas ie pre- workout and post workout I have my weight gain (high carbo) supplement called Serious Mass (2 scoops with Milk) Also, I drink one glass of milk (with 2 bananas) before hitting bed. So all in all i have around 6 bananas per day with some huge quantity of milk (approx 1.5 ltrs) and 2 scoops of weight gain supplement post wrkout. Recently, I started to experience recurring heart pain and breathlessness, Is my diet the reason for this? I heard too much carbo creates heart i jst hv 2 scoops of weight gain supplement which has a high amt of carbio (which i think shudnt b a prob)...Is eating 6 bananas with arnd 1.5 ltrs of milk safe?.I dont smoke and drink what cud be the reason behind this??
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I would need to know more about your medical history, full diet, et al. in order to give you a better answer.  I am also not familiar with the ingredients in the weight gain supplements you are ingesting.

 If you are having shortness of breath and recurring heart pain I would STRONGLY suggest you see your doctor immediately!I would also postpone working out until you are able to get checked by a medical professional.

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