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Hi! I adore your blog. One quick question- can chocolate really lead to skin problems? Or just sugary foods in general? What foo

Posted Feb 16 2010 6:43am

In a nutshell: Nochocolate doesn’t cause skin problems.

But eating lots of sugar-laden food can cause bigger problems than just a few pimples. To name just a few issuesover-consumption of sugar can lead to:

  • Type II diabetes
  • increased triglycerides and LDL (“bad”) cholesterol
  • tooth decay
  • lower Vitamin E levels
  • increased systolic blood pressure
  • headaches and migraines
  • increased free radicals and oxidative stress

You get the idea. That’s not to say sugar is responsible for all our health problems. My point isfoods high in sugar should be used as treatsnot everyday (or every-meal) occurrences.

Actuallyone of my favorite ways to get a little sugar is in darkdark chocolate (70% cacao+). I also eat sugar in the form of fruit. Any sugar beyond thatI try to reserve for special occasions or specially made items.

Call me “no fun” or whatever you wantbut sugar and I? Don’t really get along too well. Though I like itI don’t like how it makes me feel!

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