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Here's The Story of My Journey To Eating Healthy Nutritious Food

Posted Jun 17 2008 2:02pm

Here's a little story and testimony about an unexpected journey....

What began as a venture into an herb store for some trendy, energizing,
natural stimulantsthat my friends were raving about became a serious course correction.

I was a newly married25 year old...married to a much older andwiser man of 42 years.I had an affinity for junk food and would have withdrawals when too far away from McDonalds and out of reach of my beloved Big Macs. I had been a flight attendant and had been living a very fast-paced lifestyle, chock full of poor choices. At that time, I would have said that a nutritious meal was a meat and 2 over-cooked, boiled-to-death servings of vegetables and a couple ofbuttery biscuitson the side. Hey, I am from the South- what else would I think?

I was also suffering from extreme
headachesalmost daily. My remedy for these? A headache powder on the tongue chased by a large bottle of Coca-Cola. (Headache powders also extremely "southern"). As one would expect, I was constantlyfatigued.

So many of my friends were getting natural stimulants from a local herb shop. They testified of energy levels beyond my imagination. So I sent my sweet husband to the store to get these things for me, as I was sure "it" was the answer to all of my woes.

He came back a few hours later with a book and a box of tea bags for
colon cleansing, of all things!!! What?

"That's not what I requested!!!", I proudly protested.

Being the nice guy that he is, he struck up a conversation with the store owner. And began asking her questions about MY HEALTH! She suggested a "clean-out" with the colon cleansing tea and an immersion in the truth about what I was eating and how I'd been living (hence the book). And while I could have easily been offended at this, something happened to me when I opened the pages of that book.

I saw specific health problems named with corresponding info about
herbsand foods that aggravate those issues and herbs and foods that help heal them. I immediately began to see, in print, many of my "ailments" and many more such that I could identify being present in members of my family.

It seemed that I'd been wearing blinders for a long time and suddenly they were removed and I got a real dose of truth. My mind began to absorb this information like a sponge. I realized how far I had to go but determined that day, at that very moment of revelation, to change my eating habits. I wanted to LIVE, not just exist. At 25 years old, I could have had a life of
degenerative diseasesahead of me.

Today, I am overjoyed to report that I no longer suffer those many aches and pains of my younger years! Our bodies certainly respond to the right fuel!

Eating healthy, nutritious foodis my PASSION. My goal is to help the average guy or gal start making baby steps toward that concept. For some, it is just information...for others it will become REVELATION.

Do YOU want to simply eek out an existence, constantly looking for ways to get by? Or do you believe that you were made for MORE?

Merry K.

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