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Here's Something We Hope You'll Really Like...Avocado Fruit Timbale

Posted Feb 11 2010 10:38am
What this dish lacks in beauty is made up in taste. It was delicious! Honestlyit is one of the few raw main dishes I've had so far that I found completely satisfying. Livy made a dressing using another of our Asian market finds. 
Coconut Vinegar. NowI know that Tropical Traditions sells a coconut vinegarbut I've never had it before. I'm going to have to order some of theirs for comparison. Butthis vinegar has a nice flavor even if I'm not familiar with everything it contains. The ingredients in this one seem safe enoughthough I have yet to find out exactly what "cloudifier" might be. Anyone have any idea?

At any ratewe really enjoyed our fruity timbales. Nourishinglightand still satisfying.

Avocado Fruit Timbale (serves 4)

- 8 smallripe avocados(dice most of these for the saladbut slice some for the outside of the timbale)
- 1 baby seedless watermelondiced (you can reserve a cone-shaped piece for the top of each timbale if you like)
- 1 large red onionchopped
- 4 orangescut into segments and diced
- 1 handful of fresh mintchopped
- 1/4 cup shredded coconut
- pea sprouts

Toss together diced avocadodiced watermelononionorangemintand coconut. Line the sides of a large cookie cutter or biscuit cutter with slices of avocado. Fill remaining space with tossed fruit saladpacking firmlybut gently. One serving plate arrange a handful of pea sprouts. Carefully place timbale on top of pea sprouts and gently remove cookie cutter. Top timbales with decorative watermelon if you like. Drizzle all with dressing.

For the dressing;
combine equal partsorange juiceagave nectarand coconut vinegar. Add seasoning to taste.

Have you all made any tasty raw dishes this week? I'd love to hear about what you're creating. Leave a comment and tell us about it (even if it's not rawI want to hear).
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