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Herbal Tea Bus Offers Starbucks Customers a Ride

Posted Jun 03 2008 3:04pm

Starbuckstore2_2 I’m in the mood to make a confession today. It is important and meaningful for me to share that on a personal level; experiences prove that life really is a journey. In addition, while on the journey the opportunity to evolve continues to extend its hand for me to take hold. I am formerly known as a happy Starbucks coffee addict. I also have to share it was not an exciting or easy transition to turn away from that tall cup with the comfort sleeve, extra hot, non-fat, decaf, mocha, and with no whip. My love affair with their designer coffee drinks began many years ago. Not to mention that I have logged more hours in their boutique cafes than I can reasonably calculate. How much money did I spend over the years? Gosh, I have no idea and would be horrified if someone was able to provide me with that amount.

I always described Starbucks as giving me so much more than a cup of coffee. After all my Starbucks Starbuckscups moments, I walked away noticing they delivered an experience that affected more than just my sense of taste. All of my other senses were activated when I crossed the threshold of their doorway. Smell, sight, touch and hearing all benefited from those visits as well. While I am no longer a consumer of those coffee drinks, I still love their company and celebrate the joy their products bring to millions on a daily basis.

I traded the well-recognized Starbucks tall cup for a gorgeous tea cup. Now find that I am hooked on herbal teas. As I have become more mindful about defining my long-term health goals, I quickly realized Teacupsome sacrifices and tough choices had to make if those goals were important to me. It was time to get to work! My eyes and health wisdom were keen to look for ways to minimize chemicals and toxins in my diet, the question of if I would consume coffee vs. herbal tea came up. It was then that I made the decision to jump aboard the herbal tea bus because it seemed most in line with my health goals.

Herbal Tea Bus

Have you jumped aboard the great herbal tea bus, yet? Well based on recent sales data it seems many others have jumped aboard the bus. It’s great to know I have so much company; the herbal tea industry has exploded in America. The low cost to ride the herbal tea bus has also added some much neededweight back to my wallet and no weight on my waistline. Luxury_bus_2

Magnificent Herbal Teas

Discovering the magnificent flavors of herbal teas cannot be denied as fun, like my own personal story many consumers are turning away from coffee and regular tea not just for the exciting taste sensations, but rather for the health benefits inherent in many herbal teas.

Large areas of shelving in supermarkets have been dedicated to the display of many brands of herbal tea, all with fancy artwork and happy, alluring name combinations, all designed to get you, the consumer, to purchase them. But, if you were to make your decision based on colorful packaging and name alone, then you might be missing a bevy of health benefits and nutrients. Not all herbal teas are created equally.

Yogiteas Yogi Tea Healing Formula Herbal Teas

Competition in the herbal tea market is fierce, and depending upon your local supermarket, one of the bestselling herbal teas may not even be found perched upon the shelves. Rather, you may need to look for it in health food stores or gourmet groceries, or even online. Yogi Tea Healing Formula Teas offer intoxicating flavors and healthy benefits. Each particular flavor of Yogi Tea Healing Formula contains its own special blend of nutrients, and designed with a healthy lifestyle in mind.

First sold exclusively in restaurants, Yogi Tea Healing Formula Herbal Teas feature such creative flavors as classic Green Tea, Egyptian Licorice, Lemon Ginger, and Peach Detox, plus many more. Organic ingredients and the addition of premium herbal extracts in each flavor work to help support healthy weight loss, as well as providing stress relief and comfortable digestion. Based upon yogic teachings, Yogi Tea Healing Formula Herbal Teas help you maintain energy throughout the day in a healthy, organic way. I have experienced several varieties of their teas and enjoy a cup of Lemon Ginger with my dinner.

The Stash Tea Company

Another highly popular herbal tea brand is from The Stash Tea Company. Stash Herbal Teas have rapidly gained in popularity, sold everywhere from supermarkets and health food stores, to gourmet shops,Stashteas2 coffee shops, and the internet. With a quality lineup of unique flavors, Stash Herbal Teas are made with all natural ingredients, herbs, and spices, resulting in an exciting tea experience and delicious freshness.

Flavors such as Lemon Ginger, Mango Passion fruit, Wild Raspberry, and Organic Chamomile have garnered Stash Herbal Teas their much-deserved fame, and the all-natural ingredients, particularly the herbs and spices, impart their own health benefits, in addition to the antioxidants inherent in the tea.

Celestial Seasonings Herbal Tea

If you have ever taken the time to glance at the many brands of herbal teas in the supermarket, then you've likely noticed the brightly colored, finely detailed artwork of the Celestial Seasonings Herbal Tea packaging. The Celestial Seasonings brand is one herbal tea whose energetic yet soothing artwork does Celestialseasoningstea in fact go hand in hand with the flavorful, fresh teas contained within the box.

Healthful and natural, Celestial Seasonings Herbal Tea provides dose of naturally inspired energy and strives to infuse balance, harmony, and healthy living into your body. Made with specially picked herbs, spices, and premium tea leaves, Celestial Seasonings offers an intriguing line of flavors, such as True Blueberry, Red Zinger, and Bengal Spice Herb, as well as such specifically designed herbal teas for calming, relaxing sleep, soothing digestion, and general health and wellness. Highly aromatic, fresh, and delicious, all of the many flavors of Celestial Seasonings Herbal Teas are a treat to be enjoyed.

Tazo Teas

Another contender in the herbal tea category is a selection of marvelous flavors, most of them absent of any tea at all. Most Tazo Teas are instead a magical blend of various herbs and spices made to enhance a healthy lifestyle and impart energy and well-being into your daily routine. Most Tazo Teas are naturally caffeine free, and each blend of Tazo Teas has specific health benefits related to the infusionTazotea of the various herbs and spices utilized in its creation.

Your taste buds will be in rapturous delight when they sample such flavors as Passion, Wild Sweet Orange, and Sweet Cinnamon Spice. The simplistic and effective Tazo Teas are distinctive and bold, another cup of freshness to enjoy throughout the day.

Delight Your Taste Buds & Wallet

With so many exciting and flavorful herbal tea choices available, you are sure to find many that will delight your taste buds. The herbal formulations will also provide some wonderful health benefits, so pick up a few varieties to add to your active lifestyle.

As an added benefit, you will be adding some weight back to your wallet as well!Rollofmoney

Here are some resources to explore delightful herbal teas and jump aboard the herbal tea bus:

Yogi Tea

Adagio Teas

Stash Tea

Celestial Seasonings Tea

Enjoy the journey. Enjoy the ride!

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