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Hepatitis C and Raw Foods

Posted Feb 11 2010 10:05pm

March 13th, 2009

My favorite natural health and raw foods expert is Dr. Brian Clement from Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida. In this audio, he shares with us tips for healing hepatitis c.

Here is a transcript of the audio, originally posted on Brian Clements Alive Raw website. Brian Clement and Hippocrates publish an amazing and free raw foods magazine. Click Here for the free Hippocrates Magazine.

Transcript of Brian Clement’s discussion on healing hepatitus C:

Is there anything one can do to treat hepatitis C while taking interferon injections?

Interferon was a failed immune boosting medicine. It only came in to play in this country and around the world because the great American Armand Hammer funded that during his life. The original objective of interferon was to mimic the chemistry in the immune system with those titles.

The original idea was to take your blood out and mimic your personalized antibodies with interferon and or interleukin that would work for you. Tailored medicine that never came to pass. Armand Hammer’s passing the money dried up and it was placed on the shelf after the chemotherapy and radiation industry squelched it.

Hepatitis C was discovered approximately a decade and a half ago. Within six months after it hit the scientific news it was declared a fatal disease. First of all that is an impossibility to do legitimately in science. There’s a reason for that, when there is something called fatal.

There is a certain requirement for those pharmaceutical medicines are paid for in the process of healing. The track record with the use of interferon with hepatitis C, which in my opinion is not a fatal disease, if one takes care of him or her self. It has been at best, a failure. There are many in the field of viral research that has said to me that they think it is a greater determine than the disease itself.

We have seen the use of ionic sub-particluate silvers and ionic metals, be extremely helpful when they are IV’d in to a person. The elimination of all forms of sugar and anything that breaks into sugar is imperative, because as you know the liver is degenerating by viruses. You don’t want to further degenerate that and feed the viruses, by inputting their favorite food, sugar.

One has to rebuild the liver with a green diet. Lots of green juices, lots of wheat grass, lots of fresh organic green vegetables. We’ve seen so many people turn this disease around, and go from very sad sickly people to very happy and productive people.

~ Brian Clement


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To your great health,

Mike Snyder

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