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Hello all! I have been ...

Posted Jan 21 2009 12:00am

Hello all!

I have been MIA for the past two days. I have been neck deep in work and had really no time to blog at all. Well classes aren’t that crazy yet, its just lab work that is really exhausting me. I am having a serious eye problem; they have a constant sensation of burning and periodical watering. There is no infection cuz’ I got it checked from my eye doctor. She just said that it’s some kind of seasonal allergy and that I have glasses. I don’t know but this thing is certainly annoying me.

Well today after being properly into my work week, I have decided on my workout plan. I’ll be going to the gym 4 days a week i.e. M, W, F and Sat and I will be taking up Yoga/ home work out on Tues and Thurs. Okay this is just a tentative plan of action, oh yeah and Sundays I’ll be taking the day off. I hope this works and Friday’s will be my weigh in day! It is important to track my progress.

To stay accountable to my plan I am planning to start a new page, which will log my activity for the day and the weight on that particular Friday of the week. So today i managed to sneak in sometime between my classes at noon and walked on the tread mill for 45 minutes, covering a distance of 2.60 miles at a speed of 3.5 mph and at level 1 incline. Oh and I burned about 256 calories. It was fun; I carried my paper with me to the gym and finished reading it there. The papers due Friday and i am already done with it, all i have to do is go over it once more and jot down the difficulties. It was that easy, I am seriously gonna make reading on the treadmill a habit. I can’t believe I finished one important task much before the normal time I would have taken to complete it. Well that explains the speed. I couldn’t increase it any further as the letters starting jumping. That’s the reason why I stuck to 3.5 mph.

Well I am really tired and off to sleep!

Nighty Night!

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