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Hello again, Nutritionista!

Thanks for answering my question about healthy Asian food options, and I hope I'm no

Posted Mar 11 2010 10:59am

Sugar is so sneaky, isn’t it? Some form of it is in almost every packaged food. Sneaky sugar can be found in:

  • granola/energy bars
  • instant oatmeal
  • processed chips
  • frozen foods
  • foods labeled “low fat” (they add more sugar to make up for the lost flavor)
  • fruit-flavored yogurt
  • flavored coffee/tea drinks
  • sports drinks

When buying packaged foods, look for sugar codewords like fructose, sucrose, lactose, maltodextrin, malt syrup, rice syrup, and fruit juice concentrate.

These days, I pretty much only eat sugar in the form of fruit or dark chocolate, or on special occasions. I find the more I eat it, the more I NEED it. And you know what? I really don’t miss it!

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