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Heart Disease, Natural Health and Understanding Inflammation Factors

Posted Sep 07 2008 7:56pm
Connections have been established between inflammation, heart disease and using yoga as an exercise that people with chronic heart failure can do. Exercise effects a reduction of inflammation in their blood. People with high blood pressure suffer shortness of breath and lose their physical stamina from lack of exercise. Yoga provides a gentle aerobic workout. Doing yoga, they can add a natural health regimen which can support their medical treatment.

In a recent study, researchers of heart health conducted tests and documented the development of heart failure in an ethnically diverse group of nearly 7,000 men and women, age 45 to 84. This tracking began in 2000.

In this group, 79 developed congestive heart failure. 35 from this sub-group (44 percent) were physically obese. These people have a body mass index, or BMI, of 30 or more. And on average, participants who were obese, were found to have higher levels of several key immune system proteins involved in inflammation in their blood, than non-obese adults.

One particluar immune system protein, interleukin 6, showed double of average levels. The elevated level of this protein alone accounted for an 84 percent greater risk of developing heart failure in the study members.

Research groups from several universities in the US have found links between inflammation and a high risk mix of heart disease factors labeled the 'metabolic syndrome'. This syndrome, or collection of risk factors for heart disease and diabetes - high blood pressure, elevated blood glucose levels, excess abdominal fat and abnormal cholesterol levels, but, particularly obesity - double a person's potential of developing heart failure.

More details are found at

Add exercise as a possible lifestyle change:

"Researchers at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta who measured the effects of an eight-week yoga regimen on 19 heart failure patients found the exercise routine reduced markers of inflammation associated with heart failure while also improving exercise tolerance and quality of life.Patients who did yoga saw a 26 percent decrease in symptoms on a standard assessment that measures quality of life in heart failure patients, compared to a 3 percent decrease for the patients on medical therapy alone.

"Yoga is aerobic. It is not surprising, in terms of its effects on the inflammatory markers," said Dr. Nieca Goldberg, who prescribes both yoga and tai chi, a Chinese martial art, to her heart failure and heart attack patients."


Is this not wonderful news? Before disease sets in, anyone can control, to a large degree, the inflammation levels in their blood. It has now been published in almost every area of medical research that disease and aging are related to inflammation. And inflammation is related to diet. Even the wrinkles in our skin are caused by inflammation. Anti-aging and anti-inflammatory education is the cornerstone to our health, so it seems at this time.

Take control, read about nutrition, and see if you can maintain or improve your present condition, with daily routines that involve natural health.If you have a family history (or are just curious) of heart disease, high blood pressure, or diabetes, and have access to the medical system, ask your doctor to advise you as to how to take advantage of the simple diagnostic tests that are available, to mark your current health.

One single dietary supplement that studies have shown to make a significant difference in inflammation in the blood, is omega 3 oils, best from purified fish oil. Ultra Omega 1200 is the best product and the best price available that I know of right now.
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