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"Healthy" Restaurants May Lead to Higher Calorie Intake

Posted by Nirmala N.

According to a recent study from the Journal of Consumer Research, the rise in obesity is being paralleled by the popularity of healthy food. However, when a main dish is posited as healthy at restaurants, American consumers tend to select beverages, side dishes, and desserts with up to 131% more calories. According to researchers, the reasoning is that if you eat something like a low-calorie sandwich, it’s fine to have a high-calorie dessert—when the truth is that a lot of so-called “healthy” foods, like Subway sandwiches, may contain more calories than a Big Mac. The problem is that consumers tend to underestimate the amount of calories in their so-called healthy meals, when they come from restaurants that claim to be healthy vs. those that don’t. The study helps contribute to explaining how fast-food restaurants serving lower-calorie foods has not led to a reduction in obesity rats.
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Thank you for that.  This is incredibly interesting, is there any chance you know how I could access the research study from the Journal of Consumer Research? Thank you!
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