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Healthy or Not? Original Yoplait Yogurt

Posted Oct 27 2009 11:31am


This week’s review is of Yoplait Originals yogurt.  The food companies try to make you believe that all yogurt is a healthy snack, what you may not realize is that some yogurt isn’t exactly healthy for you.  Yoplait is one of the most well known brands of yogurt, so I decided to review it for “Healthy or Not.”

I chose the “Mountain Blueberry” flavor as my test subject since blueberry is one of my favorite flavors.  First off, the calorie count is at 170, which is within a good range for a snack.  There are 5 grams of protein, 260mg of potassium and 20% the daily recommended amount of calcium — all of which are good.  The major negative is the 33 grams of carbs which consist of 27 grams of sugar.  Yogurt is typically a little high in sugar, but 33g of sugar in a “healthy” snack doesn’t make much sense.

The ingredients start off with cultured pasteurized grade-A low-fat milk.  I am not a huge fan of pasteurized dairy because it kills many of the healthy enzymes that are found naturally.  However, I am a fan of cultured products because of the good bacteria they contain. It is hard to find yogurt that is not pasteurized, so I won’t discredit Yoplait for that.  I will discredit Yoplait for their second and fifth ingredients, sugar and high fructose corn syrup respectively.  Sugar is usually one of the top ingredients in flavored yogurts, but there is really no need for High Fructose Corn Syrup.  There is also Kosher Gelatin in the yogurt, which is not necessarily bad for you but made from animal bones (gross).  Beyond that, there are a few other filler ingredients that don’t necessarily mean anything good or bad.

Compared to having a chocolate pudding as a snack, I will say that Yoplait is a good choice.  However, considering you will always have other brands of yogurt to choose from in the refrigerated section of the grocery, Yoplait Originals should be avoided. Look for some options without HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) and a little less sugar.

Healthy or Not?  Not  Rating:  5/10

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