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Healthy meal plans will improve your quality of life

Posted Apr 23 2010 9:00am


Healthy meal plans can really change the way your body functions.

Healthy meal plans aren’t just for people who want to lose weight, they are also for people looking to improve the quality of their lives by increasing the energy levels and hence their productivity. Healthy meal plans (or weight loss meal plans for those looking to shed some pounds) should be that complicated to integrate in your life if you try to keep your meal plans to real foods.

A lot of people are quite intimidated by the idea of having to prepare meals from scratch, but that’s the beauty of working with a healthy meal plan … you prepare yourself in such a way that you actually have a plan that allows you to have your weekly meals prepared in advance and you simply need to reheat food when you get home after a long day at work.

If you’ve never followed a healthy meal plan in the past, you might not know where to start. There are a few simple tips I can share with you, but I’d highly recommend that you looking into using a proper structure if you intend on making healthy meal plans part of your lifestyle as you age.

>>> Healthy meal plans to improve your quality of life:

1. Don’t diet, eat better: Dr. Oz has officially said that he doesn’t see anything wrong with dieting for a few weeks to kick start your metabolism and start losing weight, but you cannot survive on a diet for a long period of time because it’s impossible to live your life under such tight food restrictions. It’s best to learn how to eat real foods like vegetables, lean meats, fruits, healthy fats, fish, and low fat dairy products, seeds, and nuts. Include a fitness plan and you most likely will never have to think of another diet in your life.

2. Not all foods are created equally: If you ditch the junk foods and start eating essentials foods like:

* Protein (Choose lean protein more often than not)

* Carbohydrates (Stay away from refined carbs). The brain uses mostly carbohydrates. When you strip these from the diet to lose weight, your brain function slows and damage can occur. You will feel sluggish and lack energy. Concentrating on the smallest things will be difficult if you cut out carbs from your diet because the brain has no fuel to run on.

* Unsaturated fats (Go for extra virgin first press olive oil instead of vegetable oil)

* Raw nuts and seeds (You should not eat too much of these, but a small handful is quite healthy)

* Vegetables and fruits (If you eat a lot more veggies in your diet your health will improve in such a big way. Remember that it will be unlikely that you’ll get fat by overeating vegetables unless you eat them with a pound of butter)

* Drink water or green tea instead of pops. You’ll also want to keep the fruit juice to a minimum.

3. Eat smaller meals throughout the day: If you only eat one or three meals a day, you expose yourself to a few unwanted things: 1) binge eating because you get famished between meals 2) your body will hold on to every possible calorie because you don’t feed it sufficiently.

If you break you meals into smaller portions and eat four-six meals a day, you’ll have a better chance of dropping the weight and of burning more calories because you’ll automatically be boosting your metabolism. Remember that the body tends to store fat when it is deprived or there is no regular food schedule. It is out to preserve itself and the storing action is a way to make sure it has something to run on later when the food supply is not being given.

>>> Creating your healthy meal plans:

You can surely hire a nutritionist to help you plan, but you’ll have to account for the fees, which can be quite considerable.

If you want to learn how to take better control over your own health, why not learn from one of the best in the industry and build your own healthy eating plan. Meal planning does not have to be difficult to work through. The more you practice and work on it, the easier it will be every week to create.

>>> If you are looking for a proper structure if you intend on making healthy meal plans part of your lifestyle as you age, Precision Nutrition would be my recommended choice because I’ve been following the program for a long time now and the results are incredible. I was a healthy eater well before starting the Precision Nutrition, but the program has really helped me improve on my healthy even more and I can tell you with a word of a lie that I have not had a cold for a couple of years now … considered my long work days … I can only attribute this factor to the fact that I’m putting the right foods into my body.

* Precision Nutrition System : The Precision Nutrition System is a complete nutrition program containing seven guidebooks, a gourmet cookbook ( Gourmet Nutrition ), and access to member’s only resources. It’s everything you need to get into the shape of your life. From the strategies to the food!

Get ready to begin your new lifestyle with healthy meal plans and be as healthy as you can!

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