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Healthy Meal Plan (Baby Edition!)

Posted Jun 18 2011 3:37pm

Next week my brothers are coming into town! We are very excited to visit with them.  So I decided I’m not making a meal plan, because we will most likely be eating on the run, in the park, and eating whatever we can find.  So, I figured this will be the perfect opportunity to share a meal plan for babies! 

My favorite neighbor baby is almost 1 years old, so this meal plan is specifically for ages 9-12 months. (Clearly, she’s not 9 months in this picture, but she is now!)


Baby should be nursed or bottle fed 3-5 times in a 24 hour period at this age. The following meal plan provides per day

  • 6-8 TBL of grains or cereal
  • 6-8 TBL Vegetables
  • 6-8 TBL Fruit
  • 4-5 TBL Meats, Dairy, and beans

Depending on your baby, everything on this plan of course doesn’t need to be mashed or pureed. Use your best judgment, but make sure food is soft.

Breakfast Snack Lunch Snack Dinner
Monday 3 TBL Oat Cereal with 3 TBL mashed bananas 3 TBL applesauce, small bits of whole wheat toast 3 TBL rice cereal and 1 TBL plain yogurt 4 TBL pureed carrots 2 TBL mashed potatoes 3 TBL chicken, ground or mashed
Tuesday 3 TBL Barley cereal and 3 TBL peaches 3 TBL pears and 2 TBL cottage cheese 3 TBL avocado with 3 TBL Barley cereal 4 TBL Pureed green beans 3 TBL Squash with 3 TBL Tilapia, chopped up
Wednesday 3 TBL Rice Cereal mixed with 3 TBL pears 3 TBL Peaches with 3 TBL Yogurt Cheese 3 TBL Squash, pureed and 2 TBL Mashed black beans 3 TBL Pureed Mixed veggies 2 TBL Mashed sweet potatoes and 4 TBL mushy pasta
Thursday 3 TBL Oat cereal mixed with 3 TBL peaches 3 TBL Pureed green beans 3 TBL Risotto mixed with 3 TBL sweet potatoes 4 TBL banana, peach, strawberry mix 3 TBL ground turkey with 2 TBL Mashed potatoes
Friday 3 TBL Scrambled eggs (kept soft) 3 TBL Bananas 2 TBL Mashed strawberries 3 TBL Pieces of toast with 3 TBL Applesauce 4 TBL avocado with 1 TBL plain yogurt or cottage cheese 3 TBL Barley cereal, 1 TBL chopped chicken, and 2 TBL Pureed carrots

*Get the printable edition of this meal plan on our Menu Archives Page !

We are going to take a week off of the Alphabet Academy and have a week full of baby food recipes and ideas! I’d love for you to send links to your favorite baby food websites or recipes in a comment, or send me an email to .  Thanks!

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