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Healthy lunch boxes to carry your lunch

Posted Mar 26 2010 10:00am 1 Comment


Feature by our Editorial Assistant Colleen

A lot of us bring lunch to work these days, sometimes because the food at work has become boring or you want something you made or your purse strings are tightening.

A typical lunch can easily cost $7/day. If you were to make your own it would probably add up to about $3 each day (that’s a difference of $4/day and that’s easily $80/month and $960/year in savings). So if you think about it, you’d be saving a lot of money in a year if you were to actually prepare a healthy lunch for yourself the night before or early in the morning.

I’m a big fan of bringing my lunch to work. I’ve had jobs where I barely had the time to eat because I’m stuck in line at a nearby cafe or sandwich shop and then I basically inhale the food as quickly as I can so that I can get back to work on time. The other thing I like about bringing your own lunch is that you can control what you’re eating and it also allows you to eat a lot healthier.

Bringing my lunch allows me to save a lot of time that I wouldn’t otherwise have. I could take my time to eat and maybe even take a brisk walk before comfortably going back to work.

But there is one thing I get worried about when I bring my lunch. I wonder whether or not my lunch will stay fresh and safe to eat by the time clock strikes 12. Unfortunately not every office has a fridge to put your lunch in or maybe you’ve experienced someone taking your lunch before so you don’t really trust putting it in the free-for-all fridge. A neat alternative is this container called LunchBots , that are basically stainless steel containers.

Everyone’s a bit weary of plastic containers these days because of all the safety reports. The media reports surrounding the negative health effects of plastic use are multiplying (just look at the plastic bottle to stainless steel bottle switch), so why not consider LunchBots?

LunchBots comes in four coloured lids to choose from so if you want to colour-code your family’s lunches, this is a good way to do it. You can also choose from a container with a split down the middle so you can separate different foods or just go without that barrier.

There’s also different sizes to choose from at affordable prices (they range from $12.99-$16.90 USD).

My favourite part is that LunchBots are dishwasher friendly. There’s a list of stores on their website LunchBots to see where in the U.S. you can find these great green lunch containers.

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If you are looking for ideas of what to put in your great healthy lunch boxes, check out my website  We have over 300 ideas and each item has nutrition info and a picture.  If you join (it's free) you can add your own items and we'll calculate the nutrition information for you and credit you and your blog (if you have one) as the source.  Happy lunch eating :) Amy
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