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Posted Jan 15 2009 7:48pm

I just liked the sound of that. Sounds good right? Maybe it should be my new slogan…..hmmmm, what do you think?

I’m not 100% raw anymore. I’m close. Probably like 85-90% but I’ve added a few things. Nothing major. Mostly just some grains here and there and a few luxury items. I will be posting more about this later. I’m just going to call myself a conscious eater from now on. I don’t want to live be restrictions. I’d rather live by informed knowledgeable decision making. It’s more positive. It’s not about what I can’t eat it’s about what I choose to eat. Which is mostly whole food as original to it’s source of origin as possible, whether it be whole grain, whole fruit, or whole veggies.

Here’s a photo I took yesterday which just reconfirms my new mantra of living life for today. If you haven’t read my mission statement you can read it here. I call this photo “Wednesdays At The Office!”

now in my shop

I get a lot of requests about what I eat so here’s today’s menu


1 liter of water upon rising



1 small package organic blueberries


1 Gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, wheat free, pancake (I’m still messing with the recipe but I’ll post it when I’ve perfected it)

10:30 am

Green smoothie (spinach, apple, banana, zucchini, water, pea protein)


Arugula, watercres, salad with almonds and lemon juice/honey dressing. Kind of bland but I was out of everything.

3 pm

Green Smoothie and little piece of Green and Black’s organic chocolate



7pm (what I will have in a little bit)

Big spinach salad with avocado, tomatoes, carrots, dulse, and lemon juice.

1 baked sweet potato with vegan butter and sea salt (I’m working on liking these steamed but I’m not there yet)


A “So Delicious” non-dairy coconut /chocolate ice cream bar (my new favorite thing)

Have a Happy Day!


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