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Posted Nov 08 2010 7:06am


Dr. Strand reviews the medical literature and shows the reader how a carbohydrate induced roller coaster ride will harm the body.

5 Stars Life changing!
This book has changed the way I think about food. It focuses on eating a low glycemic diet to prevent spiking blood sugar and insulin levels. I have been following this plan for a couple months now. I am loosing weight and not feeling hungry! The best thing is that this eating style can be sustained for life.

5 Stars this book changed my health & life!
Dr. Strand has known for 30 years what the rest of us are only now hearing in the mainstream media: obesity and it’s many degenerative disease consequences can be prevented and reversed for most of us! In his friendly conversational way he describes how our bodies react to sugars and processed foods. Then he explains how to solve the problem–I use his book as my guide for shopping, or for reminding myself how to get back on track with my dietary lifestyle when I start to crave bad foods again. He is the original dr. oz, oprah and your favorite teacher all rolled into one!! I’ve shared this book with everyone I can. Thanks, Dr. Strand.

5 Stars Throw out all the other diet books!
I have purchased 4 books to give to family and friends, who either have diabetes or have struggled with weight loss, as I have. I have done what my title states-thrown out all my other weight loss books because this one explains in laymens’ terms insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and other metabolic processes that lead to the major deseases. Dr. Strand uses scientifically documented solutions that are practical and easy. After reading this book the first time I looked at foods that spike blood sugar markedly different. In Part 1 he explains the glycemic index and the glycemic load and how one becomes addicted to carbs. Part 2 he explains the Heathy For life Program as a guide for developing a new lifestye that is doable. In Part 3 he talks about why other diets do not work for long term and how they harm you, how to choose foods, the power of exercise, and then goes on to address oxidative stress and the solution- which is cellular nutrition, i.e supplements. In Part 4 he finishes with some notes, his resources, recommended food lists and menus that have a variety of foods that are foods one can find at a general grocery store. I love to cook and it is fun to convert my recipes to make them less high on the glycemic index. This book is vast in detailed information. My husband and I have been living this “lifestyle” for almost 4 months and we never see ourselves returning to our old eating habits because we feel much better-more energy mainly, no bloating, no fatique after eating and no hunger! This is not a diet-as diets don’t work, but simple lifestyle changes that break carbohydrate addiction.

5 Stars Dr. Strand is the Real Thing
For the past 40 years I have been teaching nutrition and weight management classes. I have been a student of Dr. Strand’s for over 10 years. His knowledge of nutritional medicine and metabolic syndrome are astronomical. My husband and I follow his protocol for a healthy lifestyle and are in the best health we have ever experienced. My husband lost 50 pounds following his lifestyle recommendations over 5 years ago and has remained at that weight using his program. I am diabetic and am able to maintain normal blood sugar levels using his program. Healthy for Life is my textbook for my classes. I attend any lectures or conference calls he has in order to stay up to date on nutritional health.

Nancy Miles Ross


5 Stars This is not a diet * diets don’t work. The information in this book works.
I heard about this book, also titled Releasing the Fat, last summer. I bought the book, but I just kept passing it, never picked it up.

Finally this spring I wasn’t feeling my best, so I decided to do something once & for all about my health.

I am a sugar addict. From the very first years of my life, I learned to be addicted to sugar. Halloween with bags full of candy. Breads, sweets, sugary drinks & juices in everything. I lived from morning til night on sugar.

And over the years I watched my dad die from being a diabetic.

For me and my sisters, the clock was ticking.

All the diets out there said cut the fat.. but cram, higlycemic, sugar loaded foods. I tried Weight Watchers. I loved Weight Watchers. But I could never get comfortable with their high glycemic foods. They counted, they measured, they weighed, but their program is loaded with sugar. It never worked.

I have tried zillions of diets, nothing ever worked.

Over the years I have become this short, petite, little round butterball.

And now, I started getting fat where I never got it before, around my waist. And I could not lose it. So finally, being desperate, I picked up this book, started reading it, it made sense.I read it into the late hours of the night, I could not put it down. Finally something made sense.

So then I got the cookbook that Dr. Strand recommended

( Low GI Meals in Minutes

Laura Kalina (Registered Dietitian) & Cheryl Christian (Certified Personal Trainer)

and for two months now I have been following the program. I quit eating sugar. I quit eating pasta, bread, flour, white rice, white sugar, potatoes.. everything I said I could never give up, or live without, I have. I love bread. I have cookbooks on breads. But I haven’t eaten anything high glycemic, I haven’t had a piece of bread for two months. And I am watching my scale go down & down & down. And today two months later, I am at the lowest weight I have been in probably 15 years. Today I passed a milestone and I have done it by eliminating sugar.

I have not done it perfectly. I have had chocolate. I did break down and eat popcorn.. but for the best part of two months I have done away with everything out there = fast food, soda’s & juices loaded with sugar ~ the American Diet.. that is killing us with high blood pressure, heart attacks, diabetes.. our diet is killing us.

All I can say is it works.

First Dr. Strand has you eliminate all this junk food from your diet. He says to do this until you reach your weight goal. And then, gradually, you can add back in whole wheat pasta & good stuff!

And this sugarholic, bread lover is doing it for the first time in my life I do not crave sweets. I do not crave sugar. I do not crave bread.

And I have lost .. I am guessing.. close to 20 lbs.. and I did it without exercise ( Dr. Strand says to exercise it will go faster, but I just haven’t had the time to exercise. ).

I did it by cooking real food. Not fake processed over sweetened over salted foods. Real food. Real meat, chicken, fish, eggs, cheeses, milk, yogurt, fruits veggies, and water. I have not given up my coffee. I love my Starbucks.

Sorry, but I do.

But the information in this book works. It just works. And it makes sense.

And the cookbook is good. My husband loves all the great foods I cook now.

He loves curry. And there are great recipes in this cookbook :

Low GI Meals in Minutes

Laura Kalina and Cheryl Christian

Oh and one more thing.. Dr Atkins.. wasn’t all wrong. He was on the right track. He didn’t get it all right, but he was close. Dr Atkins was close. Dr. Ray Strand .. is right on.

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