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Healthy Food for a Healthy Vacation

Posted Jul 08 2009 9:03pm
I just returned from a family vacation in Puerto Vallarta and have some interesting stories to tell about how our healthy food helped make the trip better for everyone.

My wife and I vacation in Mexico often, but this was the first time my son was able to join us, along with my mother, father and niece, who live in Ohio. None of these people used our healthy food concentrates before this vacation. My father tried some Nuplus once, but decided it wasn’t his cup of tea.

My mother developed digestive problems before the trip, so she was willing to try whatever healthy food we had to offer her for relief. We told her to consume Vitadophilus and drink Calli Tea. After a couple days, we were thrilled to hear that she was feeling better. By the time her plane landed in Mexico, my mother was convinced that these healthy food products were responsible for a complete turnaround. In fact, she swam ½ mile for exercise during her vacation and began to enjoy NuPlus every day for extra healthy food at breakfast and between meals.

My father, who had already seen how the Sunrider products helped me lose30 lbs, was now ready to try our healthy food again after seeing the results that my mother had. He also recently witnessed my 87 year old mother-in-law lose 20 pounds and turn her health around with our healthy food, so he was more eager than before. We told him to drink Calli in the morning and haveNuPlusat least 20 minutes before mealtime in order to eat fewer calories. We told him he could absorb nutrients rather than digesting mass quantities of food. He has decided to turn over a new leaf and now understands more about how Nuplus can help him reach his goals.

My niece also enjoyed NuPlus and VitaShake during the trip for quick, healthy food at breakfast. She was excited to hear that she could consume that instead of typical fatty foods.

On our final evening together, we took a boat ride across the Bay ofBanderas. My son got a little seasick. We told him to put a drop of Sunbreeze Oil on his tongue. Ten minutes later, he exclaimed, “ Wow, that stuff really works! ” and he was his perky, energetic self again. We also found Sunbreeze to be cooling for sunburns, good for opening clogged breathing passages, and soothing for headaches and sore muscles, too.

We're always glad that we have our healthy food and Sunbreeze on hand for perfectly balanced nutrition, no matter how out of balance our vacation diets may be. It just makes life better.
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