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Healthy Eating Tips Healthy Dinners For The Lazy

Posted Oct 14 2008 11:04pm

Hi All,

Sometimes you just don't feel like cooking a healthy dinner.  And when you start paying too much attention to the fast food ads on TV, or start weakening and are ready to pull into a drive-thru or "to go" restaurant space on your way home, it's easy to get into trouble that ends up showing up on your bathroom scale if you're not careful.

So as a healthy eater, what do I do?  Easy!  To me it's okay to be lazy in making dinner if you're properly prepared for it!  Here are some healthy dinner tips for the lazy:

1.  Stock your freezer with healthy frozen entrees and vegetables

You know how in a building the fire extinguisher sign states "in case of emergency, break glass?"  Make sure that in case of a dinner emergency all you have to do is open the freezer.

2.  Make a healthy entree that looks like a snack into an actual dinner

Most healthy frozen entrees in terms of portion size and calories basically seem like snacks!  And if you don't adapt them to your needs you'll end up rummaging the refrigerator or pantry looking for something else to eat and blow the whole deal.

Add protein and/or a salad vegetables to turn that healthy dinner entree from snack to dinner. For example, while I'll take macaroni and cheese from Lean Cuisine (I wish they used whole wheat pasta like they do for their salmon entrees) and add tuna and either frozen organic mixed vegetables or broccoli if I am okay with boiling water. 

I'll take an Amy's organic healthy frozen entree and add a side salad using organic pre-cut veggies I have on hand.  Or if I am out, I will stop at a McDonald's and just buy the side salad for a buck.

3.  Have breakfast for dinner

Regular readers of The Healthy Food Review blog (I appreciate you massively) know that I am a huge proponent of eating healthy breakfast food for dinner such as: healthy cereal with organic fat-free milk, scrambled eggs or omelets with fat free cheese and veggies (egg substitute or regular organic eggs now and then if your cholesterol is good), or organic peanut butter on whole wheat toast or bagel.  Please see my prior post Healthy Eating Tips: Healthy Breakfast Is Not Just For Breakfast.

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"Healthy eating with favorite comfort's deliciously possible!"

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