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Healthy eating plans dummy-proof tips

Posted Apr 10 2010 9:00am


Healthy eating plans are far too complex to limit them to a few bullet points, but since a reader sent me an email asking about the “essentials” of a good healthy eating plan in five easy bullet points, I challenged myself to find a few quick tips that could be the turning point to a healthy eating journey.

As I’ve said before, you’ll need to implement more than these five healthy eating tips, but just starting here will have a tremendous effect on your diet plan.

>>> Here are 5 healthy eating tips to get your body to start burning more fat:

1. Drink more water: Water helps you clean your body and flush out trapped toxins, Water is not only good for your internal organs, but water is also essential for your skin. Here’s a simple rule to keep in mind: the levels of oxygen in your bloodstream are greater when your body is well hydrated. The more oxygen your body has readily available the more fat it will burn.

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2. Cook for the entire week: We’re all really busy and it’s challenging to get home at 7 pm whip a healthy two-course meal in 20 minutes. Since you should ideally eat at least four to six times a day, you’ll want to make sure you plan your meals well in advance. Eating more frequently and eating healthy foods will be your recipe for success when it comes to maintain a healthy weight … but you’ll need some preparation so that you’re not caught stranded at the last minute.

>>> Precision Nutrition has a section dedicated to teaching you the importance of cooking for more than one meal to ensure you keep eating healthy meals all week long: Precision Nutrition System

3. Eat your 5 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables everyday: Eating fruits and vegetables (real foods) is the cornerstone of any respectable healthy eating plan. If you don’t like fruits and vegetables, you should learn to introduce one new fruit or vegetable per week to ensure your give your taste buds time to adjust.

>>> Here are two sections on the site where you’ll always find a lot of good reasons to eat more fruits and vegetables:

* Antioxidant fruits

* Eat more vegetables

4. Cut back on sugar: Foods like sweets/candy, soft drinks, chocolate, most desserts and ice cream are high in sugar and you should avoid them as part of  your healthy eating plan. The idea is not to cut them out completely, but rather to reduce them to 10% of your weekly meal plan.

>>> Here are a few more posts where I talk about ways for you to curb your sugar addiction:

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5. Are you eating enough fibre? Fibre will help you feel full as well as help improve your metabolic rate and cholesterol level. When you feel full faster, you tend to eat less food and you avoid overeating all together. This is never going to happen if your diet consists mainly of processed foods that have been stripped of all fibre value.

6. Eat the right type of fats: Don’t ever cut fat out of your diet. Your body needs fat, but it needs “good” fats and not “bad” fats. Bad fats include fried foods, butter, and chips that are high in fat content. These are the types of foods you should consider as cheat foods and keep to 10% of your diet plan. When it comes to cooking oils, concentrate on unsaturated fats that can be found in a variety of cooking oils like olive oil and grapeseed oil instead of saturated fats like vegetable oil.

>>> Most of these simple tips are discussed in length in the Precision Nutrition System.

I’ve been following this system for over one year with great success and it’s so well detailed that you’ll never have to ask yourself these self defeating questions: “what should I eat?” and “what should I avoid eating?”

I can tell you that the Precision Nutrition System training is the perfect way to learn about proper nutrition and weight management as you age. This is a program that professionals like Val uses and she got a spot as “Siren” on “American Gladiator”!

>>>> You’ll find more information on the big one of most comprehensive healthy eating meal plans on the market (this is not a gimmick diet plan): Precision Nutrition System

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