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Healthy eating plans basics

Posted Apr 09 2010 9:00am


Healthy eating plans can be complicated and unachievable, or you can make sure that you pick to a plan that is so comprehensive and that easily can fit into your lifestyle and that will help you maintain a healthy weight as you age.

Healthy eating plans are the opposite of those quick-fix-diets. These times of eating plans are designed for people looking for a long term (lifestyle makeover) solution to maintaining a healthy weight as they age.

Dr. Oz has openly admitted on his show that he’s not opposed to quick-fix-diets to boost your metabolism and help you lose weight quickly at the beginning, but you cannot (and should not) expect to make quick-fix-diets-plans a lifestyle thing … no one can life off a restrictive for life. The idea here to for you to become healthy and NOT to become super-skinny, have a Hollywood-starving-body or fit into a size 0 (we’re not all born to fit into a size 0).

You really never want to restrict your diet to the extent that you do not enjoy food and all its benefits. When you do that, you actually make it easy to fall off the wagon because it’s too difficult to maintain long term.

The real purpose of a healthy eating plan is to perform a lifestyle change is to change your health for the better (this should really be your ultimate goal).

The body is truly an incredible machine/temple and if you treat it with respect it will be grateful as you get older.

Remember that gaining weight or losing weight is a simple process really that 99% of us will have to deal with at some point in our lives (oh yes, I’ve been there myself a few times).

If you think of your body as a scale and food you eat as energy, then if you take in more energy than you use (by doing your daily functions, by walking , by exercising, etc.) you will put on weight (it’s a simple equation).

Your goal is to aim for the opposite – you want to use up more energy than you consume.

>>> Why is it so hard to stick to healthy eating plans basics?

1. Most people are clueless to what they should be eating and in which quantities.

2. Most people still struggle to understand which foods are good for you and which foods are bad for your diet.

3. The key is to learn how to make healthier food options over unhealthy options.

4. Most people try to make a lot of changes all at once, while making small changes and eventually implementing these changes without thinking about it should be the real goal here.

These choices should carry on for the rest of your life. Sounds daunting I know, but those who have been able to maintain a healthy weight as they age make sure to implement changes that become part of their everyday life. If you can learn how to do that, you’ll be astounded at how quickly you’ll start to feel incredible and you’ll quickly notice how much more energy you have.

>>> How to you learn about healthy eating plan basics?

I have to say that Precision Nutrition is one of the most comprehensive basic health eating meal plans you’ll find. The whole program is quite simple to understand and therefore it’s extremely simple to follow. The Precision Nutrition has been successfully used by athletes and ordinary people to get into the best shape of their lives.

Since launching the Precision Nutrition program more than 500 people have made some significant changes to their lives and waist line!

I cannot tell you how many times I refer back to my Precision Nutrition program and how many recipes I’ve cooked from the Gourmet Nutrition cookbook.

The Precision Nutrition System is a complete program that includes the following:

* Access to the Precision Nutrition online digital audio/video library

* A gourmet cookbook (I cannot tell you how much I love this cookbook)

* Access to the Precision Nutrition an online membership (You’ll get loads of support here)

* 10 guidebooks (they all come in one handy binder)

I can tell you that the Precision Nutrition System training is the perfect way to learn about proper nutrition and weight management as you age. This is a program that professionals like Val uses and she got a spot as “Siren” on “American Gladiator”!

Precision Nutrition will not only help you learn how to stick to your healthy eating plans, but the program will give you a healthy, lean, high-performance body in no time!

>>>> You’ll find more information on the big one of most comprehensive healthy eating meal plans on the market (this is not a gimmick diet plan): Precision Nutrition System

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