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Healthy Eating out Tips

Posted by Swati S.

Eating out is something everyone enjoys, but is does lead to extra calories. I also enjoy eating out, but I do keep use some tips to make sure I do not overdo it.

Always opt for baked, broiled, poached, or steamed over fried. It is always advisable to go for broiled chicken instead of fried.

Many restaurants offer create your own meals. The good thing about those is that you can regulate what you eat.

I order food that is not laden with fat, and then add to the taste by using lemon, or seasonings like pepper.

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I totally agree...baked, broiled, poached, and steamed...and don't let the restaurant sell you on their "extras"...opt out of cheese, mayo, etc. Usually it's more money AND loads on calories to what could otherwise be a very reasonable meal. Sub cheese and mayo for seasonings.
I am fond of chili, so I usually use that to spice up the meal
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