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Healthy Eating on the Road

Posted by Lela D.

If you're heading over the river and through the woods this holiday sesaon, you may want to lay off the Doritos and Cokes on your trip. You'll feel better when you arrive and not so guilty about all that pie!

- Take healthy snacks like cut fruit and veggies. Keep in a cooler or in plastic containters with a little water and ice.
- Pack sandwiches for meals and you'll avoid the drive-thru altogehter.
- Don't forget your water!
- Decide you'll eat only healthy food on your trip. It all starts between the ears!
- Listen to books on tape or play car games, anything to keep you occupied. We usually eat out of boredom on long trips!
- Take some lollipops! Not especially healthy, but they satisfy the sweet tooth, and take a long time to eat!

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Traveling wears the body down, which makes it even more important to eat healthy while you travel -- especially with kids. One point I would add though: Depending on the distance of the drive. Stop at rest stops and take a break. Go to the restroom. Stretch a little and walk around. Get some space.
I always take my snacks from home. It makes it easier to pass on the junk food along the way. Also if you need a bathroom break you can pull in at a rest stop and stretch your legs and don't have to be held up by the vending machines.
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