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Healthy eating at Mexican Restaurants

Posted by Heather J.

Chicken and bean burritos, Chili Rellenos, refried beans, and even margaritas can wreck a well-meaning diet. But with a few tweaks, you can enjoy this cuisine without going overboard on saturated fat or empty calories. First, look for chicken fillings and order a la carte to help cut down on the beans, guacamole, sour cream, and fried tortilla chips that usually come with the meal. Go for Fajitas made with grilled or sautéed vegetables and lean meat; Quesadillas made with a small amount of cheese and lean protein; burritos made with shredded lettuce, lean beef, and a small amount of cheese (again, watch out for the sour cream and guacamole); and enchiladas made with chicken (avoid if made with lots of cheese and heavy cream). Go easy on the chips, but have your way with the salsa!

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is to skip the restaurant and make it at home. i find the meals served in restaurants are usually ENORMOUS...don't you?
Ask for fajitas without the tortillas or cheese and load on the fresh salsa and guacamole!
One of the reasons I love Mexican food is because the veggies are so fresh. There are a few places by my house that serve a whole wheat tortilla when you order a veggie burrito. I ask for extra veggies and no cheese. The guacamole is really good too! Always filling and re-refreshing!
I love ceviche, so I load up on that at good Mexican restaurants. I try to stay away from anything that is REfried and overprocessed. If they are making their drinks with drink mix (instead of fresh fruit), pass on that, too. Who needs to eat anything that one could keep in a nuclear war survival bunker? Also, see if the cheese is real cheese or processed. If the cheese isn't real, you aren't even getting that satiety that comes with rich dairy products.
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