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Healthy Breakfast Foods!

Posted Aug 26 2008 10:02am

Is healthy breakfast foods difficult for you? For me it is, because of many food allergies and a lifetime of hurry, hurry, hurry! But here are some suggestions for you to eat what I call healthy breakfast foods. You may have more to add to it from your experience of finding the foods that work for you.

Being lactose intolerant I choose to eat Rice milk or almond milk. While having cereal choices, I choose oatmeal or a Kashi cereal of some sort. It is wonderfully high in fiber, which we need so badly for a healthy system.

Try some nuts, seeds and berries thrown in that cereal. Wow, is that exceptionally yummy. Or maybe have a Activa yogurt for the wonderful live bacillis with some flax seed or oats mixed in it.

Or what about including a low-sodium V-8 juice added to your healthy breakfast foods list to give you a taste of veggies early in the morning.

Anyway you cut it, we need fruit, vegetables, whole grains and some dairy such as yogurt in our diet and get our day started very nicely. Now, this article is quite general, but we should desire to get our day going with fuel so our brain functions as well as our body just as we want our cars to function and be available for our use.

There used to be a time I didn’t eat breakfast so well, but now I can’t go without it! I feel so good, my body feels so good, especially when I put my body through some intense exercise. There is literally no time to waste, put aside your bad habits and begin today feeding your body with the wonderful variety of healthy breakfast foods, hopefully it is foods that are still as close to nature as you can get it!!

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