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Healthista Samples: Pure Wraps + an Easy Wrap Recipe

Posted Aug 15 2012 10:34am

I’ve been intrigued by Pure Wraps ever since I saw them on Nom Nom Paleo a while ago. The ingredient list is short and awesome, and I’m a sucker for weird foods that align with my eating philosophy.

I finally bit the bullet and ordered some from the website. Yes, $4.99 for four wraps is pretty pricey, but it’s a small company and they put a lot of effort into making sure their products have quality ingredients. (In case any of you were wondering, that $4.99 (plus shipping) came out of my own wallet.) Check out the ingredients and nutrition stats. Pretty amazing!

I decided to try them for the first time in a quick egg and avocado wrap. I just sliced a small avocado and fried an egg. After I took a quick pic, I added a sprinkle of salt and pepper and called it done.

Wrapping this concoction was a little bit tricky (and messy), but I made it work.

The verdict? Um, this was DELICIOUS. The Pure Wrap tasted pretty pretty neutral and it was a great vehicle for the uber-tasty combo of avocado and egg. Yes, it’s simple, but you really can’t go wrong with those ingredients, can you? I don’t think the Pure Wrap added any deliciousness, but it helped marry the flavors inside, which helped make my tastebuds happy. In case you’re wondering, I wouldn’t say it has a strong coconut flavor, but if you hate coconut, I’d probably stay away.

Obviously, you could make this with a regular wrap, too. You could also add a little cheese and/or some tomato slices to make it even more amazing. 

For a dinner with lots of awesome fat and protein that took me around five minutes to prepare, I really can’t complain. I’ll be experimenting with Pure Wraps more in the future!

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