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Healthier Holiday Eating, or, Why Chug Eggnog?

Posted Nov 16 2012 6:07am

In looking forward to a little R and R (which is Rhones and Research, though separately, for me), I thought about and surveyed the advice given online to those who want to avoid the Holiday 5– the dreaded poundage gain between Halloween and the day after New Years.

Aside from the poundage gain being incorrect (it’s actually 1#, on average …but people don’t lose it!), most of the advice given is, well, standard and uninspired.

It’s just the opposite of Pete Wells’ scathing restaurant review of Guy Fieri’s 600 seat Times Square emporium. (I love Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, and find the stories of the owners/chefs inspiring, and would happily take the show as a gig.  Including the Camaro).

Holiday standard advice: eat less cheesecake, cookies, pie. Don’t chug the eggnog, and go easy on the mashed potatoes and gravy. Take small portions, Use one plate, Limit high fat items. Drink lots of water between bites. Go for a walk before and after dinner. Give leftovers away. Don’t go to the party hungry. Eat a few nuts before you get there.

(For the record, if you chug eggnog, not only can’t you taste it, but you can’t taste much of anything for the next hour or so: it’s like parafin for tastebuds).

Sure, the standard advice is sensible. But it’s also just the opposite of feastingand feasting is what a special holiday meal is all about.

IMO, healthier holiday eating is about planning the feast you’ll eat, anticipating the joy of eating, actually savoring it thoroughly and then, the next day, getting back on your healthy life program and enjoying the memory of the feast.

Mankind has always had blow the top off feasting events, because food was scarce and people want to celebrate when it’s not. And now, when high calorie, low nutrient food is abundant, we’ve lost that special feeling. Recovering it is important.  Just not every day or every week or every month.  Because then, it wouldn’t be nearly as special.

The best way to feast and keep your life operating systemyour infrastructure of healthy eating–is by building in the right device. Whether it’s a Omron HBF-306C Fat Loss Monitor (I use this in my office), a Seiko DM50S Clip Digital Metronome (to keep the pace while walking, jogging, biking), the  Gymboss GB2010 (an awesome interval tracker), a Fitbit Activity and Sleep Tracker (syncs with the web) or a Withings WiFi Scale (ditto, for your weight), it doesn’t matter.

You need a device. All of these are on Amazon, and they all work: choose one .  Get tracking, and stop snacking.  Except on feast day.


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