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Health Food News- 3 Tricks of the Food Trade

Posted Mar 23 2010 9:55am
In the search for quality health food, consumers are wise to understand 3 tricks of the food trade that get people to make unhealthy choices. For starters, read a new book called, The End of Overeating by David Kessler. A former Commissioner for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in the 90’s, Kessler was responsible for redesigning and overhauling the Nutrition Facts labels on packaged food.

Health food consumers will appreciate how this brutally honest book exposes the food industry for taking advantage of consumer behavior to turn us all into “overeaters”. Kessler says, “They understand that sugar, fat and salt drive consumption. They’ve layered and layered it into foods. They understand the combination that will drive intake by giving you the greatest neural activation.”

Kessler talks about foods that trigger emotional excitement and pleasure in the brain. He writes, “The food industry knows your bliss points-how much sugar, fat, and salt are just enough and not too much. And they understand how to keep people keep coming back for more.” Unfortunately, most health food stores carry many products that are guilty of this practice, as well.

In fact, Kessler says the food industry strives to “hit the 3 points of the compass-sugar, salt and fat. The best foods mix 2 or 3 of them for a real exciting roller coaster ride in the mouth.” The problem is that this combination sets off a roller coaster ride in the body which usually ends with an unhealthy crash. Sugar is the real driving force, but when you add fat to sugar, the desire increases exponentially. Unfortunately, most of the food Americans eat today is loaded with excess sugar, salt and fat. Carefully shopping for health food has never been more important to fight back and take control.
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