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Health Drinks, Whole Foods and Detox are Vital to Natural Weight Loss

Posted Jan 15 2011 3:47pm
A valuable secret to natural weight loss is to detox or cleanse internal organs and tissues daily with specific health drinks while feeding the body healthy nutrition from whole foods.

This is how nutrition and fitness experts explain the 3 fundamentals to natural weight loss
1. 35% of the mix for achieving natural weight loss involves proper nutrition. The best way to reach that percentage is by regularly consuming whole foods , which contain all the crucial nutrients from complex carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. The body needs an abundant daily supply of nutrients from whole foods like fruits and vegetables.

2. The big secret to natural weight loss - 50% of your results will come from detoxifying the liver. As acidic foods and unhealthy drinks are ingested, the liver becomes filled with fat, which hampers its ability to effectively eliminate waste. That is when fat begins to accumulate around the liver. Men get big bellies and women get cellulite as fat accumulates around the liver.

3. On average only about a 15% portion of the 3 elements is exercise. To lose any weight, the body requires about twenty minutes of cardio and some kind of weight training three or four days each week. The weight training enhances metabolism while the cardio burns fat and calories. When recovering from the exercise it is important to choose natural health drinks rather than artificial vitamin waters and candy-colored sport drinks.

The first essential step to natural weight loss is to find health drinks that provide daily cleansing for the liver and whole foods that provide fuel for the body without empty calories. Many of the best products are not often found at retail health food stores because the typical consumer does not understand their benefits, but now you know more than most consumers. To find the right health drinks for daily detox and the best whole foods for natural weight loss, search online.
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