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Health Drink Consumers - Read This, Don't Drink That

Posted Nov 18 2010 9:16pm
If you believe that those brightly colored vitamin waters and sport drinks in the convenience store are health drinks, think again. Look at the ingredients in most of those sports drinks and vitamin waters, and you will quickly see they are far from being health drinks.

Next time you are searching for health drinks , here are things to steer away from
* Phosphoric Acid is exactly that - acid. This is a definition of phosphoric acid: "A clear colorless liquid used in fertilizers, detergents, pharmaceuticals and food flavoring, irritating to the skin and eyes and moderately toxic if ingested." Do you really want to drink that?

* High Fructose Corn Syrup is concentrated sugar that promotes weight gain and abnormal blood sugar levels, which may also cause diabetes. Excess sugars do not belong in health drinks.

* Artificial Flavors - We call them Excito-toxins! When artificial flavorings are in health drinks, they resemble soft drinks, candy and sugary juices. These artificial substances interfere with pH balance and generate the need for additional alkaline foods in order to neutralize the acid.

* Artificial Sweeteners are another problem ingredient in health drinks today. Many consumers now make the connection that artificial sweeteners may play a role in brain disorders, such as Alzheimers. Stevia is a perfectly natural replacement that does not cause these problems.

* Isolated Vitamins - When vitamins are isolated, liquefied, bottled and stored, the nutrients break down before the body can use them. The body functions best on vitamins and minerals from whole foods, not from so called health drinks that are really artificially created synthetic waters with man-made vitamins and colorful dyes.

When shopping for truly healthy drinks, search the Internet for natural health drinks not sold in retail stores.
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