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health benefits of grapeseed oil vs olive oil

Posted by DEB

I recently was watching a show on cooking channel and the chef was using grapeseed oil rather than olive oil.  I noticed at Costco that Grapeseed oil was much cheaper than olive oil, so I got a big jug.  Now I am using it for my meals and wonder how the nutrients compare between the two  big green jugs of oil. 

Thanks- I mostly use the costly oils in raw food recipes and do not cook with either.


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Grape seed oil is a great oil it is full of great health benefits because it has antioxidants but its real benefit over olive oil comes into play only when you are cooking. Grape seat has a very high smoke point 421 degrees F which means the point at which bad toxins are released and free radicals created. You don't want to cook with oils like olive that smoke to early. So I suggest grape seed oil as a great cooking oil alternative.

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