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Health and Nutrition Guide to keep your child fit and healthy

Posted Jul 06 2011 12:33pm
Being a parent, it is your utmost responsibly to take time so as to concentrate on health and nutrition for kids. No matter how bust you are in your daily work life, make sure that the health of your adorable children is not affected due to your negligence. Problems such as Childhood Obesity, diabetes, etc., are frequently found in kids nowadays. You must play your role as a parent to avoid such lifelong disorders.

What shall you do as a parent?

Been a parent is easy, but managing parenthood is a tough task. It is more because of scarcity of time. However, it is always recommended to consider your kids’ health above anything else. Here are some very easy daily tips, which you could add to your children’s routine life to make it much happier and healthier for them to live:

Build a regular and healthy breakfast habit

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and many children avoid following it. Since your daily life starts from the morning, breakfast meal must be taken in routine. Make sure your children just not do breakfast, but a healthy breakfast. It refers to plenty of carbohydrates, which you could find in cereals toast, fruits or yoghurt.

Variety is the spice of Life

May it be any age group; children or adult, everyone loves variety in food. What you have to confirm is that that the variety you add to your kids’ meals is nutritious and healthy altogether. Make sure that the foods are rich in varieties of vitamins and minerals to maintain good health.

Carbohydrates play an important role

Carbohydrate foods include cereals, rice, pasta, bread, etc. It covers half the calories of energy required by body. Thus, it must be there in daily foods.

Fruits and vegetables with meals or as refreshments

As it is always observed, regular intake of vegetables and fruits is a highly effective energy booster for children. Motivate your child to eat these foods around 4-5 times a day.

Avoid fatty good for the sake of your child's health

Highly saturated foods, such as butter, fried meats, pies and pastries are always delicious but utterly unhealthy for the fitness of your child. Make sure you offer just a limited amount of such fatty foods to balance diet if your child.

Encourage your child to have plenty of water

Regular health reports say that a child needs no less than 5 glasses of water every day. This prevents his/her body from been dehydrated. Make it a regular habit in your child to follow this strategy for a healthy life.

Adhere to above given proven tips and let your children live life king size. You may also have study of good Health nutrition guide for children.
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