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Healing Eczema Naturally and Quick Healthy Breakfast Foods

Posted Apr 07 2011 12:14am

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to post the answer to a recent question I received from a reader around healthy breakfast options when you are eating a clean diet. The reader, who I’ll call “Claire”, was looking for ideas for breakfasts that are light and supportive of cleansing, but will also satisfy hunger and carry you through until lunch time.

I responded with some high quality breakfast options that many of my clients love. Dependent on what your diet looks like now, particularly how clean it is, these options should leave you feeling satisfied but not heavy.

I also try to give my clients a wide range of ideas and options so that they can see what works best for them. I am fully aware that your tastes, appetite, time availability, energy and budget are different to the next person, so I work with you to find the best solution for you.

Before I share my response and yummy, healthy breakfast ideas, I wanted to let you know Gelalookingouttosea Healing Eczema Naturally and Quick Healthy Breakfast Foods that I am being interviewed by the lovely Angela Stokes-Monarch on The Raw Food World Radio Show on Thursday the 7th of April at 7pm US EST (Friday the 8th of April at 7am Australian WST).

I will be talking about my personal journey of healing from severe, debilitating eczema and how I moved from using daily pharmaceuticals to where I am now, free of any drugs. I will be sharing many tips and guidance for how you too can get better skin and cleanse your body to achieve far better health overall. The interview will also be available as a free recording. All you need to do to get free access is head on over to this link and put your email in:

If you want to read more on my journey to health, including how to use pain as a motivator for change, and my guidance for you, you can also check out my article in the Spring Issue of Get Fresh magazine .

GF62 m Healing Eczema Naturally and Quick Healthy Breakfast Foods

It’s a great magazine with tons of information on living a raw and whole foods lifestyle so I definitely recommend you pick up a print or digital copy. Click here to get your copy.

On to today’s question…

Claire asked:

“Hi Casey, am struggling to find something really satisfying for breakfast that will keep me going till lunch time.  Something without nuts as I find them too heavy and no fruit as i find fruit triggers cravings.  I find juices not satisfying and am constantly hungry.  Would adding coconut milk be o.k. Please help. Thanks”

Thanks for your question! This is a really common question I receive from readers and clients who are aiming to lighten up their diet and include a lot more fresh food. Many people try to go from eating eggs on toast or oat porridge to having just vegetable juice in the morning.

While I am a huge supporter of fresh vegetable juice, particularly as the first “meal” in your day, going from a heavy breakfast to just juice or something almost as light, such as some fresh fruit, can be too extreme. When moving to a healthier way of eating, the best approach is always to take small steps that you can stick with consistently, as that’s when lasting changes and transformation occur. This also means that you allow your body time to adjust on a physiological level to the superior nutrition and alkalinity of the new food, and also to ensure your new food choices still satiate your hunger, and emotionally and socially satisfy you as you transition.

When you approach dietary upgrades in this way you pave the way for long term success and the formation of a habit that actually feels great to you. It also means your body can cope with the changes on a physical level so you don’t feel tired, spotty or irritable as your body detoxifies and adjusts.

So my answer, if you find juices not satisfying and that you are constantly hungry, is to have juice plus something else for breakfast, or to add the juices in later when you have adjusted to higher quality breakfast foods already and feel like you are ready to add another step.

If you can, have a big fresh vegetable juice before another breakfast option for its alkalinity, hydration and nutrition in an easily digestible form . This will help to curb cravings and balance your body so you have consistent energy over your day.

Green juices wheatgrass thumb Healing Eczema Naturally and Quick Healthy Breakfast Foods

Then you could make a big, delicious smoothie of low sugar fruit (like berries) blended with avocado, greens and some water and stevia. Some lime juice in this would be delicious, or you could add some cacao or carob powder to make it taste very rich and indulgent. Replacing the water with a fresh or store bought nut or seed milk will also make the smoothie more filling and creamy.

If you don’t find fruit triggers cravings, you could add a fresh or frozen banana  or any other fruit you like to the smoothie to add bulk, but the avocado will provide healthy fats to sustain you if fruit is a problem. You can even leave out fruit entirely and make a smoothie with spinach, cucumber, avocado, lime juice, mint and stevia. This is one of my favourite smoothies!

Green drinks thumb Healing Eczema Naturally and Quick Healthy Breakfast Foods

You could also have guacamole and veggie crudités or a salad or raw soup . We often have very ingrained ideas of what breakfast meals should be – cereal, toast, eggs, etc – but there’s a lot to be said for shaking up your beliefs and having a salad for breakfast.

Mango avocado greens salad thumb Healing Eczema Naturally and Quick Healthy Breakfast Foods

You could also have sprouted grain bread/toast with avocado and tomato slices and some fresh basil for a gourmet touch. About 6 years ago when I was eating what was close to a macrobiotic diet and living in London in the winter, I would have cauliflower soup with some fresh herbs and vegetable crudités and a bowl of cooked millet for breakfast. It was very satisfying for the big breakfast appetite I had at the time and always filled me up. I just had to get used to having a savoury breakfast and once I did, I loved it!

If you are a fan of porridge, you could replace traditional oat porridge with quinoa or millet porridge, made sweet or savoury. You can buy quinoa flakes which make a porridge consistency similar to oats but the taste is not for everyone. Personally I prefer to cook millet or quinoa normally and then add your milk and toppings of choice, such as almond milk and some stevia or raw honey. If you prefer savoury, you could throw some fresh or cooked vegetables into a bowl of quinoa or millet, add some cubed avocado and top with herbamare and fresh herbs and you have a gourmet and seriously satisfying breakfast!

If you want a porridge-like breakfast but want to stick with raw ingredients, chia pudding is a good option. It is lighter than having a nut based breakfast and you can make a small portion of it with some raisins and almond or coconut milk to satisfy you without it being very heavy. Sometimes even just drinking some yummy homemade nut or seed milk like sesame seed milk, almond milk or coconut milk hits the spot after a big juice too. Flavour it with some cinnamon and stevia and sip to your heart’s content.

coconut milk 3 thumb Healing Eczema Naturally and Quick Healthy Breakfast Foods

Lastly, if you are a toast fan, get some sprouted grain or high quality gluten free bread (aim for whole grain gluten free grains rather than white rice bread), toast it (or not) and layer it with some fresh tomato and avocado slices, some chopped or dried basil and sea salt and black pepper. You could even add a tiny drizzle of lemon juice and/or olive oil.

Fancy eggs? Try some poached eggs on sautéed or fresh spinach leaves and mushrooms or an omelette with goat’s cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms and fresh basil.

You see, your meal can be gourmet and decadent while still being clean and satisfying! Note: while I have answered this question with breakfast options, each of these meal ideas could easily be a snack or lunch option alongside a big salad.

I hope that gives you some fun and delicious ideas for starting your day in a way that is right for YOU.

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