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HCG Diet Made Simple Your Step By Step Guide Beyond Pounds and Inches

Posted Oct 08 2010 12:57am

HCG Diet Made Simple Your Step By Step Guide Beyond Pounds and Inches

I want EVERYONE to be able to lose weight and keep it off. I want the obesity epidemic to end. So I wrote this 150-page book compiling everything that I have learned as a moderator of a 12,000-member hCG Dieters support group, as well as by doing this diet myself, including: * Reliably researched answers to 113 HCG Diet questions * Injections – Sublingual – Transnasal Spray – as well as Transdermal and “Homeopathic” – hCG explained * Helpful product list and online store * How to identify 15 factors that prevent your weight reduction * 3 things you must know in order to avoid hCG scams * Step by Step detailed instructions for doing the protocol without a doctor or clinic * 16 secrets for breaking a stall on the hCG Diet * Exactly what to order if you are doing the diet without a clinic * Sample menus and 22 pages of recipes * Specific sugars and starches to avoid in Phase 3, with 101 names for sugar Someone said it should be named HCG Protocol For Dummies!

5 Stars I have ordered from Amazon many times – first time review.
Although I have ordered many books through Amazon – this is the very first one I have cared enough about to try to figure out how to review.

I have just finished reading it from cover to cover. When reading the “reviews” for this book on the Amazon page, the only criticism seemed to be that this book was “disorganized” and because of this, the reviewer rated it low. After reading this book from cover to cover . . . it is anything BUT disorganized. The author tells us right up front how to read this book (from cover to cover first) and then – the author gives us a detailed index to help us find the individual things we want to find and read over again. It is a wonderful book, thoughtfully written to help each of us who read it with a humble heart, asking for help, recognizing that leaning to our own understanding has failed us time and time again.

If you are looking for a book where you can go to a single page and get a formula – has this worked for you before? Change your attitude, get this book, start at the beginning of the book and read it through. What have you got to lose . . . .weight?

5 Stars Excellent! Great book!
I’ve used the hcg diet to lose weight and I needed help to know what to eat. This book explains it all in a simple, easy manner. It is GREAT!

4 Stars Must have Information
In order to be successful with the HCG diet, you must have good information and recipes. This book provides both.

4 Stars Good with some problems
If you’re considering doing a hCG diet this book can help it make sense.

It doesn’t fulfill the promise of a direct first this then this guide, as the author goes in to long narratives in between, but that’s not necessarily bad, just not direct. This book had a lot of info, a lot of opinions and a lot of references. Unfortunately, I found at least 60% of the many links didn’t work, which was unfortunate.

Even with those issues, I now feel confident I can follow the diet and more importantly, I understand the reasons for the strict rules regime and I believe it will help my resolve in sticking with it.

5 Stars A must for HCG dieting!!!!
Fabulous information and links to websites to do your own research. Do not try the diet without reading this book a COUPLE of times. This diet has worked for me exactly like Dr Simeons, the creator of the protocol has said. Understanding the HCG diet protocol and knowing what to expect is key and this book will provide the detail that you will need to be successful on it. HIGHLY recommended.

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