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Having a Healthy Relationship with Food

Posted Dec 08 2009 8:23am

So many women struggle throughout their lifetime with their weight. I'm a huge advocate of healthy living and healthy eating. Unfortunately some people take this to an extreme. As I learned in my 10th grade English class when studying Shakespeare "lack of moderation leads to tragedy." I have had so many close girlfriends in my life that have taken control of their food to a point where neither it nor them can breath. Eating low-to-no calories and over-exercising will drive anyone mad but in addition to mental instability this type of lifestyle creates so much self hatred. One should never feel disgust and disdain towards themselves following an indulgence of food. I personally love french fries and milkshakes. I would say that I probably have one or both of these things once a week and you know what? It always puts a smile on my face. That hasn't always been so, for many years I struggled with the lack of ability to restrain myself from eating my favorite "not sooo healthy" things too often. That would usually end in a tragic bout of attempting to purge through some means like exercise. I no longer believe in "diets" in the traditional sense. It's due to my personal experiences and what I have seen friends go through over the years. People control food and resort to starvation for a particular goal but once that goal is achieved there is no healthy foundation to fall back on. I encourage everyone to find a love for healthy foods, take the time to cook themselves a delicious well-balanced meal and give in to temptation every once and a while. And most importantly, don't feel bad about it. Your relationship with food will last a lifetime, be good to your partnership and respect your mind and body.

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