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Have a Pimple? Toss the Dairy

Posted by Nirmala N.

If you're suffering from a post-adolescent breakout, not to worry. Aside from opting for gentle cleansers, you can also get rid of dairy in your diet. Iodine that's used to keep dairy cows infection-free could be responsible for leading to the kind of hormonal see-saws that cause and exacerbate acne. Chicken, which is high in lean protein and low in processed carbs, is thought to reduce the frequency of pimples quite drastically, so be sure to stock up on the poultry when you find a new zit!
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Where are you getting your information from? Iodine used in pre-and post dips doesn't actually enter the milk in high enough concentraions to have any noticeable effect! Have you ever been on a farm? Uneducated people are the bane of the agriculture industry.
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