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Has anyone ever tried the Squirrel GMO test?

Posted Jan 18 2012 1:13pm

I posted a video at the bottom of this post because I have been hearing and reading so much lately about the premise that animals won't, given a choice, eat genetically modified foods. I don't live in an area where I could try this experiment, but I'm sure a lot of health conscious eaters might have tried it, and maybe want to share their findings.

By a general rule, I don't purchase or [knowingly] eat any GMO foods, and I don't eat a whole heck of a lot of grains anyway, but in past I would enjoy some organic grits made from organic corn along with my cage free (or pasteurized it I can get them) eggs. However I ran across an article that claimed that genetically modified corn is slipping into the organic corn supply .


If I live in an area where I could try this, I would be trying it out all the time, that is, if I could do it without having the squirrels thinking they are my roommates. But from what I read, it I kept putting genetically modified corn out for them, they would pack up and move somewhere else anyway.

I would think that if all this was true, there would be a lot more YouTube videos on people trying it. I wasn't able to find many, which surprised me.

However, I did want to post the one below. This video in no way proves anything, but is interesting nonetheless. He just says that the large corn tortilla on the window sill is GMO an the others aren't. But watching that squirrel's reaction to the alleged GMO corn chip closely, I found myself saying WOW, it this is legitimate, them this is SCARY. If you look closely, you can see the squirrel sniff the supposedly GMO tortilla and "flinch" back like something gross is happening there, and it instinctively gets away from it and walks around it to get to the good stuff.  Take a look below ~dw~

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