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Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Posted Nov 25 2009 12:00am

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow. How fast has the year gone? It seems like it has flown by for me. Moving on…

My afternoon snack was a Stonyfield Lowfat Yogurt and one of my Pumpkin Cranberry Power bars . I made this a while ago and individually wrapped each one and stuck them in the freezer. This way I can have one whenever I need a pumpkin power fix, and I just take one out and pop it in the microwave.

Last night I met my BFF Kelly for some dinner and good wine at our favorite go to restaurant, Levante’s . We love this place b/c the food is always good and we always split the Cold Mezze Plate. I just can’t get enough of this plate. We made it there in time for a little Happy Hour drink (or 2). I mean $3.50 for a glass of wine…you can’t beat that. So I chose a glass of Merlot, and we decided to split the Cold Mezze Plate and the Falafel appetizer. Sooo Much food, but it was so great to just sit and talk and eat and talk and eat. You get the drift. Kelly and I have been best friends since my freshman year in high school and I just love hanging out with her. We always think its so funny because we are so different yet we have so much in common and have been best friends through all these years. I was stuffed by the time we went home, but the food was awesome. You can see better pictures in this post, or this post .

This was my first time trying the Falafel at this restaurant,and it was so tasty. I loved it with the hummus and different salads in the mezze plate.

This morning I woke up bright and early on my own. I’m always surprised when this happens. It was of course raining so it gave me another excuse to not run and take one more day off before my race tomorrow. My ankle is feeling a lot better, but I want to stay off of it as much as possible before the race. However, I’m worried I haven’t worked on my speed enough, but right now I can’t take any chances. I’m gonna hope for the best, do my best, and that is all I can ask for. So instead I did a 23 min hot yoga session on Exercise TV, and my morning routine with extra core exercises. I chose Yoga buns and thighs this morning, which was an awesome quick workout. The demonstrator was really fast so it was hard to keep up, but I finally got into the groove.

I am so surprised at all the different work outs they have on Exercise TV. It blows my mind, and I always forget they are on there. I need to start doing some of them. My morning and strength routine consisted of:

  • 2 sets 70 reps leg lifts each leg
  • 3 sets 20 reps kneeling push-ups
  • 2 sets 50 reps bicycle crunches
  • 25 hip raises, hold for 30 sec, 25 hips raises, hold for 40 sec
  • 30 reverse crunches

Breakfast was a delightful bowl of Stonyfield Oikos Blueberry Yogurt, fresh blueberries, and 3/4 C Kashi Heart to Heart Cereal. This was refreshing, filling, and delicious for breakfast.

I also had a little coffee on the side with Vanilla Silk Creamer.

Now I’m writing this post and icing my ankle.

As of right now the weather is calling for rain the afternoon tomorrow, but not in the morning. Let’s hope this doesn’t change, because I hate racing in the rain. I still need to figure out what to wear since this will be my first race in the cold. I’ll have to think about that tonight.

Have a great Wednesday! Safe travels to those who are traveling today!!

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