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Happy S Week! …Plus Trigger Point Therapy and Tart Cherry Martini (in a juice glass)

Posted Jan 24 2011 8:52pm

I’ve felt slightly off-track lately with food and fitness. My yoga teacher went to India for a month, so I boycotted yoga. I canceled my gym membership at the million dollar fancy gym (ok, it was only $115 a month…but geez). I had a hip problem, and a hip flexor problem…and a lower back problem. It was all just nagging me. So I didn’t join a new gym right away, thinking maybe my body needed a rest.

Regardless of my reasons, I am SO READY to be on track.

I recently saw on   Heather’s blog that she was using this thing called the Trigger Point Therapy Kit, and she said she really likes it. So I ordered that (and it came today). Love. It.

I've only used it once...and I'm already thinking of ordering the Grid--Revolutionary Foam Roller.

Aside from the trigger point kit, and doing anusara yoga classes on YogaGlo in addition to my beloved Vishali’s classes on Wednesdays at Blue Lotus

I’m declaring it Smoothie, Salad, Soup, & Sauna Week! I am really just craving an overload of veggies. Mostly warm ones. It was -10 degrees this morning. I went to my first day of Nutrition class at FLCC—I don’t know if my students are excited about class, but I am. I got some great icebreaker suggestions (thanks!). I ended up passing out index cards that each had either a raw ingredient or an end “product” (think eggs and mayonnaise). They had to find the person who had the product/ingredient match to what was on their own card, and then each pair introduced themselves to the class and talked about the link between their ingredient and product.  I thought it would help me remember their names, but it didn’t. I forgot all of them immediately. It’s not because I don’t care. It’s just difficult.

This wasn't my smoothie from was my cocktail from yesterday :) I filled half the glass with kombucha, then shook together 2 servings of vodka with 2 tbsp tart cherry juice concentrate and a little agave (I know, agave is bad...but it was only a little). I added ice to the kombucha and then poured the cherry/vodka/agave over that. It was amazing! Like a tart cherry martini, with a little fizz!

Soup #2, after Pea Soup (which is too ugly to post). Veggie broth, canned tomatoes, quinoa, carrots, celery, spinach, chickpeas...whatever else Joe found in the dried herbs from my mom's garden

Simple Salad (with stuff I had leftover from my beloved hummus dish + spinach)

I followed up my trigger point therapy and yoga with 45 minutes in here...I could practically feel the toxins leaving my body :)

My smoothie was the choco-coffee-energy smoothie that I mentioned yesterday. Wow–I love that. A lot.

What’s your favorite smoothie?

How do you get back on track when you’re off?

Do you like soup? Normally, I don’t ever crave or want it, but it’s so cold here right now that it seems desirable!

If you were in my nutrition class today, would you have thought the icebreaker was interesting, or would it be a cause for eye-rolling?

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