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Happy New Year! A Year In Review.

Posted Jan 02 2011 11:24pm

Happy New Year to all.

I will be back to normal posting soon. In the meantime, here is an overview of wonderful things that have happened this past year…

Last year’s resolutions .

I wanted to learn a new language (didn’t do this), go to Hawaii (yes!), I cultivated patience, I ate more fried rice, ate less meat (I think… more on this later), I didn’t drink more Kombucha, I did drink less diet soda (overall), and I ended the year on a yoga streak (though I’m not sure I did much yoga throughout the whole year).

The Warrior Challenge (intenSati) .

This was a month-long challenge to do 3+ classes a week of intenSati at one of New York’s poshest gyms. I had fun, and learned a lot.

Good conversations with good friends about behavioral change .

jan 30 2010 001

And also about drinking tea (yum) and eating kabocha.

Eating Fats. (But didn’t get fat.)

The great fat experiment went well overall. At the moment I’m not really eating many animal products aside from butter (again – more on this later) but I did learn a lot about what my body needs.

Trying acupuncture .

This was for stress and hormone stuff. Unfortunately at the time I wasn’t ready to commit to everything that I needed to do for acupuncture to work properly, so I quit after two sessions. I’m hoping to start up again this year though – I found a good place nearby.

How Much Protein Do I Really Need ?

This post was written as a response to anyone who doubts that vegetarians (or even vegans) can get enough protein on an animal-free diet. The answer is YES, yes we can.

Random favorites .

Including macrobiotic meals and fast food. I try not to limit myself too much.

Trailmaking and Wedding Planning .

Bobby and I went to NJ for the weekend and helped my dad build a trail. Lots of fun – hoping to do more things like that this year.

IBS Management .

I came up with a plan for my IBS – my IBS Management Plan . I didn’t stick to it as much as I would have liked. This year one of my resolutions is to get it under control as much as possible!

Job changes – from full-time to part-time … (And back to full-time again, later in the year.)

Which meant more time to blog, more time to take a class (linguistics), and more time for my favorites like papaya salad and fresh cherries.

Discovery: eating mindfully .

Which later on led to…

And then, oh yeah…


We were married in a Quaker meeting house and the reception was in my parents’ (beautiful) side yard. Here is my other wedding recap . (Guest posts listed there – had lots of good ones!)

Then we…

Went to Hawaii!

We had two glorious weeks on the beaches of Maui. Oh how I want to go back.

Walking talk (about how it is awesome) .

How to Get Glowing Skin (very popular post) .

I turned 24 .

Had to have a kabocha scone for dessert on my birthday.

Project Food Blog .

(Didn’t get very far.)

The Hunger Diaries happened .

It died down pretty fast ;)

My Macro Plate Recipe .

Finally revealed it.

College-visiting with my sister .

(She got into her first choice! Not Brown, which is where we went that weekend.)

Highlights of the Fear and/or Sanity Weekend .

We took a weekend trip down to DC – so fun.

I got over a lot of crapola that had been following me around .

And then…

I took a break .

Said thank yous. And good byes, for a while.

I think I am back now, though! So stay tuned. In the meantime, check out this adorable card that I just ordered from Shutterfly .

Confetti Countdown Filmstrip New Year’s
Shutterfly has elegant holiday invitations for your party. View the entire collection of cards.

And again… happy new year!

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