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Happy Birthday to me! (and Happy St. Patrick’s Day)

Posted Jan 01 2010 12:00am

Well, it came anyway. No matter how I tried to prevent 34, it arrived on time.

I woke to the smell of angel biscuits. Wheat angel biscuits. With Cheese! I do have the recipe and some progress pictures, so I have a new cooking project for later.



The rest of the day was sleep, play cards, nap, munch, nap, scratch Brownie’s ears, nap, and then dinner!

In our family, any and every special occasion calls for Grandma’s Enchiladas. In fact, this is what we have for Christmas dinner. Check out her well-used recipe.


After she makes her pan of meat and her pot of dry beans with chili powder, she has to make the sauce. This sauce is like no other. I have tried to make it and it never turns out like hers.

While she’s finishing the sauce, the plates are warming in the oven, toppings all ready, and the hungry crowd standing like vultures waiting for her dinner bell question “Okay, who’s first and do you want flopped or open?” This time, I was first and I always get the same thing: Wheat tortilla, meat and beans, folded. Then I add lettuce cheese and sometimes salsa.

the final productunder the lettuce is the best enchilada ever.



After more card playing, we were hungry for hummus and pita chips.

pitas pitas2

pitas3 pitas4

After much discussion, we came to the conclusion that neither of us liked cumin, tahini, OR peanut butter in our hummus. From now on, just the chickpeas, oil and seasonings.


When the day was over, I realized it was a perfect day. I caught up on sleep, which I desperately needed, spent time with my family, and enjoyed some new food along with traditional favorites.

If If I really think back, the year of 33 was sad, depressing, and very very stressful. I’ve been on auto-pilot since about November and now I can get a sense of starting new, starting over, or just getting back to working on me. Why not start with a new birthday?

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