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Hanging Head in Shame …

Posted Oct 14 2008 6:19am

It was destined to happen.

I’ve always had my midnight incidents, but I’ve never called them a real “binge” because I had never been truly out of control. I always weighed and measured, and never went beyond 5 pts.

But last night at 2 a.m., after going to bed happy and tired at 12:30 when my husband got home from class and we’d chatted, I woke suddenly at 2:22 a.m. and the monster hit. No clue why. I’d had a good day, a happy day (despite hearing that a family member — a second cousin — had passed away).

I am mortified to share this damage with you, but I’d be lying to myself if I didn’t share my stumbles as well as my successes.

After a 23 pt day with moderate exercise (a walk and then 2 activity points (APs) of cardio at the gym) I ate pretty much anything I hadn’t had that day and had thought about — all at once!

This is what I consumed, alone at 2:22 a.m. with no rhyme or reason. :(

1 piece of chocolate a friend gave me (so good) (1)
1/2 T PB/FF Reddi Whip (2)
1.5 servings ff/sf pudding (2)
3/4 c Kashi heart-to heart cereal (2)
bites of apple sauce/ice cream (3)
1/2 cookie (2)

ALL sweets, all carbs. :( ALL AT ONCE. What was I thinking?!

My points reset today … embarassed as I am, I’m moving on. I just went back and counted APs for the week and I still would have had 3 APs to spare, so technically I didn’t go “over” or even off program, but I’ve been trying NOT to eat APs. I don’t lose when I eat them. It was basically a “maintenance” week points-wise … scale-wise, no clue.

My period comes next week, and I don’t know if this was related or not … I’ve never had an all-out binge.

And there’s a plus: I’m still 28 days chew-and-spit free … Gotta find the positive.

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